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  • Ruchira Green Earth takes the lead in EV Batteries manufacturing in India

    Published on April 5, 2022

    Ruchira Green Earth has transformed EV Batteries manufacturing with an exclusive portfolio of high range and high speed products.

    Accelerating EV revolution under its brand AKIRA Li-ion EV Batteries, Ruchira Green Earth has launched top performing Li-ion EV batteries of high range and high speed for its valued customers. Taking the lead in the manufacturing of state-of-the-art Li-ion EV batteries, Ruchira Green Earth has also developed swappable batteries for E2W/E3W segment.

    A frontrunner in the industry, Ruchira Green Earth is providing state-of-the-art lithium battery storage solutions. The company has successfully developed Li-ion EV batteries in 2W segment from 48v/24Ah to 72v/50Ah while in 3W segment as well it has developed a wide range of Li-ion EV batteries from 51.2v/80Ah to 51.2v/200Ah. AKIRA Li-ion EV Batteries range manufactured by Ruchira Green Earth encompasses state-of-the-art batteries for E-Scooters, E-Auto and E-Cycle apart from commercial vehicles, loaders, fork lift trucks, golf carts, among others.

    Mr. Deepan Garg, Director, Ruchira Green Earth said, “At Ruchira Green Earth, we strive to set the standard for high-quality Li-ion EV Batteries and in line with our commitment we are also working on providing innovative and complete solutions to address critical challenges of the last mile delivery. While we have already established a strong Pan-India sales and service network, we are continuously improvising all aspects of manufacturing techniques as well as the production process from raw materials to the finished products.”

    First time in India Ruchira Green Earth has come out with a wide range of Li-ion EV Batteries all of which are IP67 rated that promises there remains no water/air ingress in the batteries. Designed exclusively for Indian weather conditions, AKIRA Li-ion EV batteries manufactured by Ruchira Green Earth are capable of managing increasing volatility. ‘AKIRA’ Li-ion EV Batteries are equipped with cutting edge latest technology and easy to install features.

    Ruchira Green Earth has successfully implemented PAN India After Sales Service Network. The management of the company has also developed a team of engineers who are conducting “FREE SERVICE CAMPS” in various regions to facilitate the customers about the problem and its solution. It also includes training to OEM company representatives, dealers and customers.

    The company has deployed 10 engineers at various locations. These engineers are fully equipped to provide complete solution to all the customers. They also give training to the dealers and customers. Ruchira Green Earth has got an overwhelming response from its service network and free service camps.

    Aimed at providing extraordinary performance with longer life, these sturdy EV Batteries last long while they get fully charged quickly. ‘AKIRA’ has stirred up even more interest about electric vehicles, a segment of auto sector that has already been abuzz with activity. Providing sustainable, secure and eco-friendly power AKIRA eco-friendly Li-ion EV Batteries range include E-Auto Batteries, E-Scooter Batteries and E-Cycle Batteries, among others.

    Moving ahead with great pace Ruchira Green Earth has also developed Swappable Batteries foreseeing the fast emerging demand in this segment. Concurrently the company is also coordinating and looking for Swapping Station Manufactures, IT Solution Company’s as target audience for their exclusive product line.

    As the electric vehicle segment in India has come a long way, the market has shifted to slow speed to high speed. Concurrently the demand for more reliable and high-performance Li-ion batteries has increased and Ruchira Green Earth has already established itself firmly in this segment.


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