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  • Rumi Munawar Badshah’s incredible journey as a Model, Influencer and Tiktoker has been truly inspirational

    Published on March 3, 2022

    She has several accomplishments under her sleeves, including the best South Asia model award, UAE won in 2018.

    When we glance on the several individuals’ skills and talent of their respective field, amaze us! The talent they enhance is remarkable. In which social domain plays vital role. The apps like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram are full with this young talent. Showing their skills and creativity and even creates fruitful videos which gives knowledge to the millions of viewers. No doubt to establish oneself on such a huge platform is a tricky task. Only consistent creative work can meet the demands of the viewers. Rumi Munawar Badshah is one the most popular name on social domains. Her creative skills has gain massive fans and viewers.

    This young multi-talent is born in Pakistan and now based in UAE. The passion to do something unique, skilful and creative took him to multiple fields where she has established himself successfully. Her charismatic personality made her a model and become the most familiar model across UAE. Even she won the best South Asia model award in UAE in 2018. She firmly believes in growing oneself. Rumi is also a Pakistani influencer and tiktoker. The multi-tasker has come across a long way! ‘The Rome is not built in a day.’ Exactly goes with the success journey of Rumi. From tender age she started working hard to establish himself as she wishes to be. For which she worked extremely hard with determination, gave consistent creative performance, gain pro knowledge with her work experiences and mostly she built patience’s in his mind to reach his desired output.
    Today she has reached at the level of success which is inspiring to each youth nothing is impossible if you master your creative skills.  She has worked with numerous brands like – tvcs, danube Milano and many more. Being an influencer, she is a show stopper for various known Indian and Pakistani designer. As a tiktoker she creates viral content in voice and on sounds popularly known as murshad which is creating buzz across UAE.
    Much more creative craft is on the way by the young multi-talent and will surely explore globally with her unique working skills.


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