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  • Rummy Passion – Rising Card Game Platform in the Gaming Sphere

    Published on September 20, 2019

    Online gaming has become big business. It won’t be a surprise if the surge in this genre will witness a kinetic push in the immediate future. Though numerous online games have already set the gaming stage on fire, many operators are still pulling strings to create a more vibrant gaming platform with their very energies. If we portray one example of the gaming platform that has taken the entire gaming world by storm, it is undeniably be Rummy Passion – India’s most loved rummy website. Nowadays, the site has caught the fancy of lakhs of users and the talk is all good. Here’s what you all should know about this rising star in the world of online gaming in India:

    Online Rummy as Metaphor

    Many have believed that Online Rummy is one of the finest metaphors that teach real-life skills athwart a variety of disciplines. Like, while playing on the tables, rummy player/s have to compete against fellow competitor/s using various skills that actually help them further in real-life situations.

    Verdict Changed it All

    Until a few years ago, the online rummy market in India didn’t witness a high online presence of players despite the widespread penetration of mobile phones. This was because industry players were sceptical of investing in cash games. However, as soon as the verdict by the Supreme Court of India made it clear that Online Rummy is legal to play in India, there was a steep influx of players towards the gaming platform. Not to mention, the roadblock completely faded away, clearly giving a green signal to players to play freely and tension-free.

    Conjoined with 2 Self-Regulators

    The CEO of AIGF (All India Gaming Federation), Roland Landers, said in a statement that “Fair regulation in online gaming is the need of the hour.” As self-regulation is the best course of action to practice fair gaming, Rummy Passion joined hands with both AIGF (All India Gaming Federation) and TRF (The Rummy Federation). It was to ensure that players follow the best gaming practices and get a more robust gaming platform to play rummy.

    Rummy Passion – The Emerging Gaming Trend in the Gaming Sphere

    The creators of Rummy Passion strongly felt that eSports is the biggest entrant and will soon occupy the gaming arena in a big way. E-sports in the last few years have received enough recognition worldwide. It is also clearly separate from gambling, because the games are not luck or chance based. They further explained that Online Rummy has got well entrenched in this space and seems to have a bright future. However, for now, it will take some time to gain its recognition entirely, and a lot of effort is being put to link social game to real money for players in the best possible manner. Rummy Passion in the past few years has offered meaningful gains to players. The site observes an average of five thousand active players daily via promotions and various exciting offers that help bolster traffic.

    Players’ Interest – An Utmost Priority

    Rummy Passion, India’s most loved rummy website, is a platform created by rummy veterans with a sole aim to offer an excellent gaming environment to all rummy enthusiasts. The operators provide both Desktop and Mobile convenience to players and have also defined the game according to their interest, i.e., players who want to play rummy for fun can join free games, and those who want to monetize their efforts can give a try on cash games. Also, backed by a robust customer support team, unified payment gateways, and not to forget, an engaging user interface is what makes the website – truly commendable. The domain was established by Passion Gaming in 2016, and since then, the site has been progressing at an exponential rate. Standing strong in the world of gaming, the site is putting continuous efforts to bring more advancements in the gaming infrastructure. With so much to explore in future, players can’t seem to keep their eyes off the website. Though finding a platform that is completely trustworthy and exploding with extensive offers is not a hard task, but the problem is that most of the rummy sites fail to offer the desired gaming environment.

    Aspects to Ponder

    There’re numerous factors that can either make or break a rummy website. So, if you are a newbie, you should be more attentive to your choice. It’s not a matter to worry, but being a little careful, especially when it’s about your money can help you play safe. To assist you better, we bring you a website – Rummy Passion that you can trust upon for your gaming needs.

    The best rummy site Rummy Passion is ranked at the top based on these criteria:

    • The Concern for Genuineness – It’s always better to choose a website that is genuine and holds a good online reputation. With so much competition in the online market, most players get misled by fake websites in the name of entertainment and great cash rewards.

    What Rummy Passion Provides – Rummy Passion is one genuine website that you can truly trust upon and it’s not just a saying, players’ responses and reviews speak volumes. Besides, the website is licensed and has a proper RNG (Random Number Generator) certification.

    • The Need for a User-Friendly Interface – Most rummy websites are tech-savvy, which makes non-techy players unsure because they have to adapt to the gaming interface.

    What Rummy Passion Provides – To play on a user-friendly gaming interface is a topmost priority for all rummy aficionados. Well, Rummy Passion serves it all. The site makers have designed a simple to use interface for all age groups so that everyone can navigate through the website seamlessly.

    • The Attraction of Cool Rewards – Not all websites strive for their players’ happiness. Some websites just lure its players of offering bigger rewards, but rarely stand by their promises.

    What Rummy Passion Provides – Rummy Passion not only allows players to avail cool rewards and redeem deposit bonuses but also help them increase their monetary value through their skill in the game. NOTE – The only condition is that players should play fair games and win against their opponents to grab their share of the prize.

    • The Ease of Mobile Friendliness – Most times, players face technical halts in their game. This may lead to players losing the game, and also incur loss of money.

    What Rummy Passion Provides – At Rummy Passion, players get multiple device options – i.e., they can easily switch between devices. So, they don’t face any trouble playing the game. The only condition is that the device should have a stable internet connection.

    • The Protection of Security – Security of players should be the top priority for gaming websites. However, a few websites don’t follow safe practices, thus inviting intruders to access players’ sensitive data.

    What Rummy Passion Provides –  The website follows the best and safe gaming practices. Like, the site is SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) that ensures all financial details of players are secure, and transactions are carried out safely.

    • The Convenience of Easy Withdrawal Options – Even now, not many rummy websites offer instant withdrawal options to players. This is what players long for when joining a website.
      What Rummy Passion Provides – Rummy Passion is one amongst a few websites where players want to invest in for playing cash games. It’s because they know that upon their winning, they would get instant withdrawal options. That is, as soon as you win in cash games, you can make your withdrawals instantly.


    • The Discipline of Fair Gaming – Many rummy sites claim that they encourage players to play responsibly. However, that happens just on paper. Sometimes, players continue losing the game, believing that they lost because of their non-attentiveness. It’s not always true. Some websites follow unethical gaming practices, leaving players completely victimized.
      What Rummy Passion Provides – At Rummy Passion, every possible aspect is covered to ensure and safeguard players’ true spirit of competition and skill. The safe and secure automated processes offer players with hassle-free gaming.
    • The Assurance of Excellent Customer Support – A professional and customer-friendly support service is a must to keep players engaged to the site. If their queries are not resolved on time, who will want to stay long? Believe it or not, some well renowned rummy websites have no phone support at all.
      What Rummy Passion Provides – For Rummy Passion, every player registered to the site is important. If you’re a novice and want to understand the game better, one of the support professionals would assist you and guide you better with game. Also, if you face any issue with game during any point of time, the team would be there to assist you 24X7.

    In a Nutshell

    Rummy Passion has recently become one of the biggest names in the gaming arena. The site offers an excellent skill gaming platform all around India, except for a few restricted states. So, what’s making you think? Join the lively hub from the comfort of your zone, play against your competitors, defeat them and fill your wallets with plentiful cash. We hope you have a great time ahead on the vibrant tables of rummy at Rummy Passion. However, we advise all its players to play responsibly.

    Wish You a Good Luck in All Endeavours!