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    Rumours are High that Businessman Rishabh Sachdev is planning to produce an Action movie in Bollywood.

    Published on April 22, 2021

    We have seen many business people in the past investing in the most lucrative field silver screen of Bollywood. Entertainment, fame, money, you get everything from the most loved industry of India.

    Many top business people in the past have funded in Bollywood, and even today, many producers are partnered with top business tycoons of India and overseas. Continuing the trend is Jyoti Groups, Rishabh Sachdev. Yes, one more brand ready to enter Bollywood as a Production house.

    Rishabh Sachdev is a renowned name when it comes to Real Estate in Mumbai. Coming from a rich background and a head of a top brand in Mumbai doesn’t need any introduction.

    Rishabh feels it’s high time to start a production house. He wants to promote the good young talent of India. Rise OTP platforms are also giving good opportunities to investors who want to do something new other than their traditional family business.

    Being a brand in Mumbai, Rishabh Sachdev is involved in multiple streams like Real Estate, surgical, Hotels and all. Now he wants to see his Jyoti Groups label as a top production house in Bollywood.

    It will give a positive vibe in Bollywood as brands like Jyoti groups showing interest and ready to invest in Bollywood movies. It is like Vocal for Local in Bollywood.

    According to the sources, Rishabh always wanted to produce a high-level movie and set high standards like Hollywood. Young Businessman is now settled in his business. It’s time to start a Bollywood project once things get settled down after this second wave of COVID-19.

    It is a piece of good news for young Bollywood actors because, with the entry of top brands and labels like Jyoti groups, actors will get an all-new group that help them thrive and showcase their talent.