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  • Tuesday, July, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 11:35:26
  • Runbeck Election Services Joins Forces with FlexMet to Offer Vote Center Hubs

    Published on July 13, 2021

    Phoenix, Arizona : Runbeck Election Services (Runbeck), an elections technology solutions company focused on delivering printing, equipment and software solutions, has successfully partnered with high-tech manufacturer FlexMet to provide Vote Center Hubs for jurisdictions nationwide. The Vote Center Hubs, which encase voting equipment, provide easy voting set-up, a safe voting space, built-in security and mobility for storage.

    The Vote Center Hubs were manufactured to help jurisdictions assemble and disassemble their in-person voting centers for each election. Also, costly voting equipment used at voting locations must be stored and protected. The Vote Center Hubs fulfill both crucial needs. The Hubs are designed with two security features to lockdown and protect the equipment when not in use. When elections are completed, the jurisdictions move the mobile, self-contained Hubs to their storage locations.

    Jeff Ellington, President and CEO of Runbeck, explains, “This collaboration allows us to solve logistical and security problems that counties encounter with their voting spaces and equipment, which is a major undertaking every election. The Hub is simple and smart—counties can use it, lock it and store it.”

    The focus on secure and accessible voting has become a high priority after the 2020 elections. Runbeck and FlexMet merged their resources to offer a practical solution. The Hubs were used successfully in 2020 in offices and Super Vote Centers, and now they are being manufactured at a larger capacity to accommodate more jurisdictions in need of a solution to executing secure elections. The ten models of Vote Center Hubs range from one to four person sections with panels to provide privacy for each voter along with ADA capabilities. The models are built specifically to securely hold major lines of election voting equipment currently used across the country.