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  • RunR Mobility Accelerates Growth with Specialized EV Dealerships in India

    Published on December 1, 2023

     New Delhi – A leading and rapidly expanding EV startup, RunR Mobility, is proud to announce the establishment of exclusive dealerships in key locations across India. The primary goal is to promote India’s affordable and safest E-Scooters, reinforcing the company’s commitment to providing quality, indigenous, and thoroughly tested electric vehicles to meet the escalating demand.

    RunR Mobility proudly introduces the revolutionary RunR HS EV Model, leading India’s E-Scooter evolution with the safest liquid-cooled battery technology. As the nation’s first adopter, this innovation, coupled with Liquid Immersion Cooling (LIC) and Smart Temperature Modulation (STM), not only redefines safety standards but guarantees peak performance. With no compromise on user safety, RunR HS EV Model sets a new benchmark for an exhilarating and secure riding experience at every turn.

    “Collaborating with Clean Electric”,RunR Mobility is set to redefine the EV landscape with its exclusive dealerships. Focused on providing 100% indigenous high-speed E-scooters, With an initial presence in Vadodara, Surat, Barabanki, Kashipur, and ongoing expansions, RunR strategically meets the surging demand for reliable and affordable electric scooters, marking a dynamic shift in sustainable mobility.

    Mr. Setul Shah, Founder of RunR Mobility, highlighted the significance of this dealership expansion, stating, “We are thrilled to bring our affordable and safe E-Scooters closer to our customers through these exclusive dealerships. This strategic move aligns with our vision to establish a strong nationwide presence and provide a seamless ownership experience.”

    RunR Mobility envisions establishing a nationwide network of dealerships, expanding product lines, introducing innovative models, and elevating customer service standards to set a benchmark in the electric mobility sector. With exclusive dealerships launching nationwide, RunR Mobility is set to revolutionize the electric scooter market, reshaping customer perceptions and driving widespread adoption of electric mobility.


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