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  • Russian Elegance Redefined: The Best of St. Petersburg’s Fashion Brands at Moscow Fashion Week

    Published on April 9, 2024

    The global fashion spotlight recently turned to Moscow Fashion Week (MFW) 2024, which brought together dozens of Russian brands, as well as international brands from various countries, making it the largest fashion event in Europe. St. Petersburg’s most illustrious fashion houses showcased their latest collections. Against the backdrop of MFW’s prestigious platform, designers from St. Petersburg captivated audiences with their unique blend of creativity, craftsmanship, and Russian elegance. From LUTANI’s vibrant ode to wild nature to IANIS CHAMALIDY ‘s fusion of classic and avant-garde styles, each brand brought its distinct vision to the forefront of the runway. As the fashion world took note, these brands reaffirmed their status as leaders in the ever-evolving landscape of global fashion, showcasing the rich tapestry of Russian design to an international audience.

    The Epitome of Urban Chic: LUTANI:
    LUTANI transported viewers to the captivating landscapes of South Africa with its urban predator-inspired collection. Through bold animalistic prints and non-traditional interpretations, the brand captured the essence of the wild in a contemporary urban context. From monochromatic leopard patterns to vivid zebra motifs, LUTANI’s collection exuded vitality and sophistication. Crochet tops, lightweight mesh, and airy blouses evoked the spirit of hot summers, while shades of tangerine, soft blue, and powdery pink added a touch of safari-inspired allure.

    Aurora: A Fairytale Journey by SASHINA DESIGNER LABEL:
    SASHINA DESIGNER LABEL transported audiences on a fairytale journey with its enchanting “Aurora” collection. Drawing inspiration from the northern lights and the iconic princess from “Sleeping Beauty,” the brand presented a mesmerizing fusion of nature and fantasy. The collection, divided into capsules for men and women, showcased multicolored glimmers and playful ruffles for women, reminiscent of princesses from beloved fairy tales. For men, loose-fitting shirts and relaxed suits reflected the beauty of the natural phenomenon. Both capsules, crafted from natural materials, offered a versatile palette of shades to suit every wearer’s style.

    Minimalism Meets Modernity: KISSELENKO:
    KISSELENKO embraced self-sufficiency and independence in its latest collection, highlighting minimalism, fluid lines, and strict graphic elements. With a subdued color palette and predominantly natural fabrics, the brand epitomized understated elegance and sophistication. Sharp lines, geometric prints, and voluminous sleeves added a contemporary twist to classic silhouettes, reflecting the brand’s commitment to timeless style with a modern edge.

    Blending Masculine and Feminine: ZA_ZA:
    ZA_ZA explored the intricate interplay between masculine and feminine elements in its new season collection. Romantic floral motifs juxtaposed with patent leather accents created a captivating contrast, while flowing floor-length dresses exuded timeless elegance. Textured coats with accentuated sleeves and perforation added depth and dimension to the collection, offering a seamless blend of feminine and masculine aesthetics.

    Celebrating Women in Science: Dear Passenger N:
    Dear Passenger N. paid homage to pioneering women in science with its thought-provoking collection inspired by Sofya Kovalevskaya and Marie Curie. The collection reimagined their timeless style for the modern woman, blending clean lines, practical cuts, and unique detailing. Free-flowing silhouettes, appliques inspired by Mendeleev’s table, and semi-transparent materials captured the essence of scientific discovery and innovation, creating fashion-forward looks for the modern-day trailblazer.

    Art of Living: IANIS CHAMALIDY :
    IANIS CHAMALIDY  concluded the 7th day of Moscow Fashion Week with the unveiling of the “Art of Living” Spring-Summer 2024 collection. Seamlessly blending classic and avant-garde elements, the collection showcased a monochromatic palette and expressive prints. With a focus on minimalism and versatility, the bold collection offered endless possibilities for the modern fashion enthusiast, embodying the concept of life’s gradual unfolding and the exploration of new experiences.

     Final Say
    As the curtains closed on another spectacular edition of Moscow Fashion Week, the creations of St. Petersburg’s finest fashion brands left an indelible mark on the global fashion landscape. With their innovative designs, impeccable craftsmanship, and unwavering commitment to excellence, these brands continue to redefine Russian elegance and inspire fashion enthusiasts worldwide. Moscow once again reaffirmed its status of a fashion capital, uniting styles and trends not only form different Russian regions but also from around the world, combining different cultures and traditions.

    Moscow Fashion Week (MFW) drew in over 60,000 attendees and attracted more than 5 million digital viewers this season. Alongside the captivating runway shows, MFW also hosted a professional B2B showroom that was visited by over 300 boutiques from across Russia. This provided a platform for local brands to showcase and sell their creations. Additionally, MFW featured a Market, lectures, and various master classes. This multi-format event solidifies Moscow Fashion Week as the largest fashion event in Europe, highlighting the value of its diverse offerings.


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