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Russian House Organises a Painting Masterclass Workshop by Award-Winning Artist Olga Levchenko

 New Delhi  – The Russian House, recently organised a Painting Masterclass Workshop led by the acclaimed artist Olga Levchenko. Held at the Russian House in New Delhi, this event was a celebration of creativity and cultural exchange, bringing together over 30 enthusiastic participants for an enriching artistic experience.

Under the theme “Know yourself and your capabilities. Immerse yourself in a world of color and flowers,” the workshop provided a unique opportunity for attendees to explore the world of oil painting. Olga Levchenko, a member of the TSHR and recipient of bronze, silver, and gold medals for her contributions to fine arts and education in Russia, guided the participants through a creative journey. Her expertise and passion for art inspired everyone to create their masterpieces, many of whom were engaging in painting for the first time.

Elena Barman, President of IARC, shared her thoughts on the event, stating, “The Painting Masterclass Workshop by Olga Levchenko was a wonderful experience for everyone involved. The enthusiasm and creativity displayed by the participants were truly heartening. It was great to see so many people, many of whom were painting for the first time, discover their artistic talents and create beautiful masterpieces.”

Olga Levchenko expressed her sentiments, saying, “My greatest love is India, and my 17 trips to this Land of Happiness have profoundly changed my perception of life. This journey of artistic exploration began here, and it is incredibly fulfilling to share this passion with others. The Masterclass Workshop was a beautiful experience, and I was deeply moved by the participants’ openness and creativity. Many of them were painting for the first time, and seeing their excitement and the beautiful pieces they created was truly inspiring.”

Oleg Osipov, Director of Russian House, added, “The Painting Masterclass Workshop was a fantastic event that brought together people from diverse backgrounds to explore their creativity. Olga Levchenko’s guidance was inspiring, and the participants’ artworks were impressive. We are thrilled with the positive feedback and look forward to hosting more such enriching events.”

The three-hour session was both interactive and meditative, allowing participants to discover a new hobby and experience the therapeutic effects of art. The vibrant colors and floral themes chosen for the workshop served as a metaphor for life and renewal, akin to a woman giving new life, fostering a moment of reflection and calmness.

At the end of the workshop, attendees gathered to share their experiences and celebrate their artistic achievements over a cup of tea, fostering a sense of community and accomplishment. The success of this event has set the stage for future workshops, promising regular sessions to nurture this newfound passion among the participants.

Olga Levchenko, who has made Banaras(Varanasi) her base due to her profound connection with life there, expressed her joy at the overwhelming response and the calmness reflected in the participants’ drawings. Her stay in India has been marked by her deep appreciation for the country’s rich culture and traditions, which is evident in her art.

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