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  • Safety and Good Service pledge by Namma Yatri Auto drivers, in an Event by Bengaluru City Police and Karnataka Government

    Published on February 26, 2024

     Bengaluru: Drivers of Namma Yatri, Bengaluru’s beloved community-first app, took a pledge to uphold safety and customer service standards. Together, they recited the pledge, “Namma Auto, Super-Safety; Sakath-Service, Namma Duty,” affirming their commitment to providing exceptional service and ensuring customer safety. In a unique and heartwarming event, ‘Namma Sarathi Sangama,’ Namma Yatri, in partnership with Bengaluru City Police, brought together the top 500 drivers to improve the city’s mobility.

    The event showcased Namma Yatri’s commitment to safety through the launch of its Enhanced Safety product. Key features include a one-click SOS button, customer-triggered safety tracking, seamless integration with police control centers, and a 24×7 dedicated safety team. Additionally, night-time safety checks have been introduced to ensure passenger security. The highlight of the event was the community’s involvement, with drivers taking a pledge vocalizing the safety slogan, and pasting the safety manifesto in their autos, reinforcing their dedication to creating a safe and secure Bengaluru.

    At the event, Shri. B Dayananda, IPS, Commissioner of Police, commended Bengaluru’s auto-rickshaw drivers for their vital role in the city’s mobility. He stated, “Namma Sarathi Sangama signifies our shared commitment with Namma Yatri and the Government to honor and empower these drivers, thereby improving safety and convenience for all Bengaluru citizens.” Shri. MN Anucheth, IPS, Joint Commissioner of Police, Traffic, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the significance of recognizing and empowering drivers. In his keynote address, Prof. Rajeev Gowda, Ex-MP, Rajya Sabha, and Vice Chairperson of SITK, noted, “The collective spirit of society, government, and business is essential for building a sustainable future. We must unite technology and people to address transportation challenges.”

    Auto-rickshaw drivers are integral to Bengaluru’s transport system, and Namma Yatri is dedicated to supporting them in providing safe and customer-focused services. At the event, the Namma Yatri team expressed gratitude to the auto drivers and unveiled a series of welfare programs aimed at their well-being. Beyond enabling drivers to earn over Rs 400 Cr commission-free, Namma Yatri is deeply committed to enhancing their skills in customer safety and service. ‘Namma Sarathi Sangama’ is a milestone in Bengaluru’s journey towards safe, sustainable, and inclusive urban mobility, celebrating the contributions of drivers and setting the stage for a brighter, more connected future for the city.


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