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    Sahara Star presents unique creation of dishes at NAMAK, to commemorate 91 years of salt Satyagrah

    Published on April 1, 2021

    Mumbai: India has a rich cultural history that cumulates into a melting pot of flavors all of which are enhanced by a simple ingredient – salt. The humble salt has been a part of our pantry and has the ability to make or break every dish and has an integral place in our history with the Dandi March being a turning point for getting us freedom. 

    The Salt March started as a revolt that led to the abolition of the salt tax and ultimately to the downfall of the British Rule in India. These significant movements made the country realize the importance of being self-reliant while staying united. NAMAK, the Indian cuisine restaurant at Sahara Star is a result of this inspiration from the Dandi March and has its tagline 06.04.1930 since its inception, which keeps us reminding of the day of breaking of the salt law & culmination of the Satyagrah. To commemorate this great world event our chef will showcase a specialty salt based menu from 1st April to 10th April 2021.

    A basket of dishes has been created with the use of a myriad of salts to celebrate the history of our country. Start this unique food expedition with Hara (Indian herbed) namak tandoori chicken wings, Timur namak & cilantro paneer tikka, and many such options. In the main course take a pick between Kutchhi khanij namak marinated adraki spiny tandoori lobster and Sendhav namak and pink peppercorn tandoori prawns. End your journey with a platter of unique salt-infused sweets. 

    Rejoice in the richness of Salt & Indian culture with food that binds the country together at NAMAK from 1st to 10th April 2021