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  • Saturday, January, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 03:51:32
  • Kolkata: With the importance of mental health or mental well being gradually gaining its long overdue importance among the common masses, Sahayta Clinic comes across as a one stop solution for all mental health problems across the wide spectrum of all age groups. Realizing the significance and necessity of a balanced mental health in order to lead a healthy life, Sahayta Clinic, the brainchild of 3 reputed Doctors – Dr Tathagata Chatterjee, MD Psychiatry, Dr Syed Naiyer Ali, MD Psychiatry & Professor Dr Debasish Sanyal, MD Psychiatry, offers state of the art facilities. Sahayta Clinic also introduces the unique Virtual Reality based therapy for the first time in Eastern India.

    Sahayta Clinic was inaugurated today by actress, Ritabhari Chakraborty in the presence of Dr Tathagata Chatterjee, Dr Syed Naiyer Ali & Professor Dr Debasish Sanyal who all also participated in an interesting discourse on “Restoring Mental Balance To A Disbalanced World: Healthy Coping And Innovative Therapy”.”

    With people coming to realize how mental wellness is imperative to everyday wellness of an individual, mental health is slowly but steadily being de-stigmatized with each passing day. Releasing the deleterious effects of stress and anxiety reflected on the postmodern individual, Sahayta Clinic brings forward it’s all new Virtual Reality based system of therapy, known to be extremely effective. This mode of therapy allows patients to interact in authentic, virtual environments, allowing them to overcome their phobias by gradually developing an increased rate of anxiety tolerance. Further with the environments being built from panoramic images rather than animated graphics, patients are made more comfortable with visceral scenarios, thereby experiencing ‘true presence’ by being teleported around the world.

    “Acknowledging the urgency of mental wellbeing, Sahayta Clinic aims to restore the much needed balance, making the world a better and safer space for us all to inhabit. We intend on an unceasing de-stigmatization of the issues pertaining to mental health, looking for a day when mental health is given its much deserved accreditation. With this hope in our hearts, we have introduced the Virtual Reality based system of treatment for our patients for the first time in Eastern India, aiming to provide them with utmost relief at the earliest”, said Dr Tathagata Chatterjee, Founder and Managing Director, Sahayta Clinic.

    “It was indeed an experience in itself to be present at the launch of this unique initiative. Mental Health is of primal importance, affecting every aspect of our regular lives and it is important that we prioritize it as much as our physical wellbeing. Sahayta Clinic is a fruitful step in that direction and it gives me utmost conviction and pleasure to be present at the launch of this much needed initiative that is bound to be a create of positive change for the society”, said actress, Ms Ritabhari Chakraborty.

    Sahayta Clinic, spread across 2 floors will treat patients suffering from Anxiety, Depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder among others and have involved around 25 professionals including Psychiatrist, Neurologist, Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, etc. Sahayta Clinic will also provide Marital Counselling and Support, Paediatric & Adolescent, Geriaitric Counselling & Career Counselling. 

    With mental health being the overall state of well-being of an individual, it is imperative that we prioritize as much as our physical wellbeing. A healthy and balanced life where the individual is in aware of his emotions and capabilities shall lead to a fulfilling journey, making the individual reach their utmost potential. It is in this regard that Sahayta Clinic focuses on mental health not being cornered and put aside, for it is more than just the absence of disorders-it is a holistic wellness of the individual. Sahayta Clinic aims to provide their patients a safe space to grow into better individuals, making one and all realize how important it is to be kind to one’s mind.

    Sahayta Clinic

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