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  • SAHE, GHMC, JNTU, HMWSSB and Plumbers Training Institute-Dhanush Engineering, have come together to train Plumbers in Rain Water Harvesting and Water Conservation Technology

    Published on July 5, 2019

    Hyderabad: In a first of its of kind of initiative of Training Plumbers in Rain Harvesting Technology and Conservation of Water, SAHE(Society for Advancement in Human Endeavour), a city’s non-profit body joined hands with GMC, JNTU and Dhanush Engineering Services, the Plumbers Training Institute and trained on Thursday 35 plumbers in Raining Harvesting and Water Conservation technology.  The five hour training program was conducted at JNTU by Professor  Giridhar, SAHE and Dhanush Engineering Services. They were given both theory and practical knowledge about the subject.  This is one of the series of training programs to be conducted for Plumbers in Rain Water Harvesting Technology and Water Conservation.

    As of now, we would like to train about 300 plumbers in next three months.  We will also invite Plumbers who are working with Residential Apartments, Villas to get trained in this free of cost. In such a case the number is likely to up informed Viiveck Verma and Ramesh Loganathan, Founder Members of SAHE

    The details of these certified professionals would be available on the website of the Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board(HMWSSB), SAHE for people to make use of their services.

    If any residential apartments and villas want their plumbers to get trained in the Rain Water Harvesting Technology and Water Conservation free of cost, they can do so, by applying online through website,  www.saheindia.org

    We will set up a hotline/call centre of these trained professionals, whose help people can take their help.

    The initiative, according to Viiveck Verma is said to be first of its kind in India and assumes lot of significance in the light of threat to city becoming Day Zero phenomenon, where the city can potentially run out of water.  AS it is being done first time in India, Hyderabad sets an example for the rest of the cities to follow.

    Save 10K Bores of SAHE was also re-launched on the occasion. The initiative is primarily to revive lakhs of defunct bores in the city.

    Ms. Harichandana, Zonal Commissioner, gave a clarion call to public to become water warriors for this cause, which will further create a ripple effect city wide with action on ground.  She distributed certificates to the first batch of 35 plumbers.

    Prof VenkateshwarRao, Director JNTU graced the occasion.

    Together with these organizations, SAHE will conduct more workshops to empower skilled plumbers for Rain Water Harvesting.  The WaLC(Water Leadership and Conservation Alliance) initiative by HMWSSB and GHMC  which is an online platform to create water leaders from the community, will also be involved in the effort to maximize the impact.

    This initiative is quite significant in the view of increasing awareness for water conservation, but lack of technical know-how or support to take the principles to execution, which discourages people who want to bring in this change towards water conservation. By helping build a team of resources with hands-on experience, a much larger impact can be achieved citywide. Once a community is ready to go ahead with the idea of implementing rainwater harvesting, the team empowered with the right skills can ease out and expedite the journey from intent to action for all parties involved, informed Kalpana Ramesh of SAHE.

    Kalpana Ramesh further informs, SAHE put together a Powerful Alignment with Scientific content for a sustainable Mission for Rain Water Harvesting for the first time in the country.  SAHE, GOVT ( WaLC Initiative ), Academic Institutions like JNTU, Training Institutes, Social Entrepreneurs as Execution teams, IOT Solutions Team , Community Warriors and Skilled Plumbers have come together to help change the water Matrix of the city of Hyderabad   This will set an example for the rest of the country to follow. Also Setting up an Interactive   portal for a citywide campaign post training workshops for larger adoption and Citizen interaction with Geo tagging and water Audits, she stated.