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  • Saint Augustine, Florida-Based Skincare Company Nourishing Biologicals Launches Its Philanthropic ARM, NB Cares

    Published on September 16, 2020

    SAINT AUGUSTINE, FL: Nourishing Biologicals, a rejuvenating Saint Augustine-based skincare company, has been inspired to give back to the community after witnessing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in Florida and beyond. Today, the company has announced the launch of their philanthropic arm, NB Cares through local initiatives that assist front-line workers.  

    Their first campaign in Palm Beach, Florida was focused on assisting front line and first responders who have been affected. By addressing the effects and thanking the responders for following the required face masks mandate, NB Cares donated an astonishing $300,000 worth of their hydrating product to the front-line workers at Palm Beach Police & Fire Department.

    Dajuana Gotwals, who leads as Business Development Director at Nourishing Biologicals, raves about their team’s passion for the launch of NB Cares. “Witnessing first-hand the effects that COVID-19 had on our communities has lit a fire under us. This is just the start; we are excited to help our community more with our new NB Cares program,” she remarks. 

     “Nourishing Biologicals uses a new scientific approach to help rejuvenate skin,” the Director of Aesthetics and Education at Nourishing Biologicals, Natalia Sadowski says. “Any possible irritations that wearing a mask causes will be reduced with our products, especially those working long-hours with masks and are exposed to the harsh elements.”

    What makes Nourishing Biologicals so unique is their all-natural products that help the body repair itself. Dr. George Sadowski M.D., a leading biologist and surgeon, is the creator and developer of Nourishing Biologicals. After his 25-year career in surgery, he created the most advanced skin care and wellness products that help treat the cause, not just the symptom. 
    His research led him to infuse the finest ingredients into his products to improve his customer’s overall health and wellness.  His intent with the NB Cares initiative is that the first responders will be able to use their product to protect and reduce the effects of wearing protective masks has on their skin.


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