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    Sajil Khandelwal : An Inspirational & An Ideal Son

    Published on April 28, 2021

    Sajil Khandelwal always promotes youngsters to take care of their mental health because he believes in mental health can take you places. In today’s era where everyone is running after fame and wealth hear comes a man of integrity and words believing in the core values of family taking them on the next level for stardom. Sajil sets the right example for the youth by showing them the right path,  following all  the right norms himself. I am pretty sure he takes after father, because during the entire sports journey Sajil’s father Mr. Anoop Khandelwal and mother Mrs. Neelam Khandelwal gave him a strong backup emotionally.

    When asked in many of his interviews about the secret to his success, with a calm demeanour comes an answer “ persistence and diligence has gotten me all.” Sajil  never fails to mention his parental support and that’s how he not only uplifts the youth but also tries to balance the parent – children relationship. Sajil success teaches how a good parenting can uplift a child’s moral and boost his confident. Sajil also shares about his cricket days, the zeal with which he used to step on the ground was a sight  for not only his fans but his parents as well.

    Sajil always was a cricketer at heart and played Ranji Trophy which was a feather in his hat. Like he always mentions his mentors Mr.Singh Babu and Mr..Sanjeev Pant met in K.D.Singh Babu stadium,  Sajil  remembers his father with more feel and vehemence. When asked about the shift of field he talks about losing his interest in cricket after losing his father. Sajil’s father was a source of power behind him, along with being a great admirer of his game Sajil’s father kept him motivated throughout the journey.

    I hope how Sajil Khandelwal has been an inspiration to the youth his Parents also  stimulate  other  parents to contribute and have faith in their children’s dreams and give them wings to fly, rather than to cut them off with an orthodox cutter.

    These are a few things making Sajil different and what he is right now. If I have to be collaborating everything in under parasol , I would say Sajil has the courage to fall, follow and chase but never give-up.