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  • SAMI-Aid Hosts Free Webinar on Self-Advocacy in Healthcare

    Published on September 12, 2020

    San Jose, California : As the world faces a major health crisis with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, telehealth company SAMI-Aid is hosting a free webinar to help patients learn how to advocate for themselves and their health needs. The webinar, taking place on Wednesday, September 23, from 4:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. PT, is free to attend.

    “SAMI-Aid was founded to empower those on the outer edges of our healthcare system, those who are underinsured or uninsured, and these patients typically lack resources and information that may improve their healthcare access and treatment options,” said John Farhangui, CEO and Founder of SAMI-Aid. “We’ve organized this webinar for our members and the public to help them understand different strategies and tactics to advocate for themselves in order to get the best possible healthcare outcomes.”

    The webinar, titled “How to Become Your Own Health Advocate,” will feature Eric Drew, founder of the WeHeal Foundation. Drew is one of the first adults in the United States to survive a double cord blood stem cells transplant for “terminal leukemia.” Drew has now dedicated his life to helping patients suffering from all types of serious and terminal diseases. In the webinar, Drew will share his story of how he crowdsourced a treatment option and how to establish caregiver and advocacy roles. Drew will also talk about resources and organizations that are available to help those in need, among other topics.

    “By sharing Eric’s story and expertise, we hope to help those trying to navigate their healthcare options learn how to become advocates for themselves to get the best possible treatments and advice,” added Farhangui. “We want patients to be empowered to take their healthcare into their own hands.”

    Webinar registration is free and available at http://samiaid.clickmeeting.com/sami-health-bites-webinar-2. SAMI-Aid will also stream the webinar live on its Facebook page. Future webinars will cover nutrition, adult telepsychiatry, and other relevant healthcare topics. Details will be announced at a later date.

    SAMI-Aid, a patient-focused telemedicine platform and healthcare concierge company, offers on-demand access to medical professionals of a variety of specialties including general physicians as well as mental and behavioral health specialists. SAMI-Aid also recently launched its new at-home COVID-19 testing program where patients can confirm their COVID-19 status from the safety and convenience of their own home. More information is available at samiaid.com.