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    Sandeep JL’s Next Film Is ‘The Great Escape’ With Babu Antony

    Published on September 24, 2021

    The filming continues in Texas, United States for the new Malayalam and English bilingual action thriller ‘The Great Escape’ directed by Sandeep JL. This is Sandeep’s second film as a director after the 2020 blockbuster ‘Outrage’. Veteran actor Babu Antony plays one of the pivotal roles in the film along with Sandeep JL and some other Hollywood actors.

    Sandeep JL

    Entirely filmed in United States, the makers of the  film promises to introduce some major Hollywood actors to the Indian audience. Hong Kong actor Simon Kook and professional wrestling campion Chaz Taylor is playing some key roles in the film.

    New comer Caren Damer will be seen on the dance floor, dancing to the beat of the item number composed by Renjith Unni.

    The makers and the whole team of the movie believe that with this project they will raise the action benchmark in the Indian film industry. More martial artists  and stunt teams from all around the world are expected to join the film soon. Also, apart from the action, the film is believed to have a strong storyline, which includes a beautifully written dramatic twist.

    Sandeep JL

    Sandeep JL is one of the most promising action stars of his generation, on his way to bagging the level of influence as the top-tier players in the field. Recognized for his imminent passion for acting, work ethic, and professionalism, Sandeep has stunned both his fans and the people he has worked with. Today, venturing into his roots, the actor  hopes to captivate viewers not only in India but worldwide by his amazing fighting skills.