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  • Sunday, September, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 07:58:56
  • After clocking millions and millions of streams over his recent releases, the 20 old year is already one of the big stars in the Indian music industry. Within the previous 6 months his rise has somewhat been one of the most talked after topics, his catchy tunes filled with emotions has made him a fan favorite. But what does the 3x Platinum producer listen to? we asked him some of the recent music tracks he has been jamming in the past few days, here is a list and why he listens to those tracks.

    So how did you go about choosing music from your playlist?

    “First of all, thanks for having me here I choose songs based on most played in my playlist, I have been listening to a lot of pop music in the past few days maybe because my own music is also revolving around a lot of pop elements says Sanjog “

    Midsplit – Maybe

    Midsplit is actually one of my good friends, but his track is something that I am addicted to, really nice sounds and the mix is clean, the whole track is very relatable if I think of it

    Avicii – Broken arrows

     I have been listening to a lot of avicii in the past few days and this is one of the tracks that caught my attention, the vocals are amazing and signature avicii sound brings me back to 2014-2016 golden era for electronic music

    Kygo – How would I know

    One of my favorite producers, I love the drop in this adding to it is the vocal melody which gets me hooked to the track.

    Cloud cult – You were bornI listen to this when I am not feeling up to it, the instrumental and lyrics of the music is what lifts me up. The lyrics in this song is perfect to realize your own importance and value.

    When chai meet toast – When we feel young

    Probably the only track I listen to just because I enjoy the flow of the it, the instrumental is old popish type and it’s good to hear something like this keeping in mind that they have brought back this sound during this music era.

    Matoma – Keep it simple

    I love this song, no particular reason but I just love the song as a whole everything is so good in this

    Louis The Child – Big love

    I actually heard this for the first time while playing fifa 21, the 2010 music year vibe and the whole track is addictive and nice to hear while chilling

    The Strumbellas – Spirits

    This is a proper 90’s heavy pop music with a lot of acoustic elements, I love the fact that there is a lot of acoustic elements in the structure of this track

    The Script – For the first time

    You can’t have a playlist without having at least one of the script songs, this playlist is no different I love the scripts music and this track is still of my frequent listens.