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  • Sunday, September, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 03:02:11
  • Sanskar Daryani has won the internet’s heart already as a social media influencer, fashion icon and car reviewer. On his Instagram page, Daryani has more than 58k followers. His followers love his posts related to travel, fashion and cars. But when the internet found out about his musical talent, his admirers were blown away.

    A few months ago, social media influencer Sanskar Daryani decided to follow his other passion – music. He wants to make a new beginning as a music producer. But that doesn’t mean he will stop talking about fashion and cars. Music is equally important to him, and he wants to share some songs he composed during the lockdown.

    About being a music producer, Indore’s Sanskar Daryani says, “Who doesn’t love music? In my family, songs are a vital part of our life. Whether it is a festival or any occassion, it is incomplete without songs. I’ve grown up listening to different artists and different genre. That’s how I developed an interest in music. It was high time I start getting into action to fulfill my dream in that field too.”

    When asked what kind of songs he has produced so far, Daryani shares, “I enjoy energetic and rock songs. I don’t want to reveal much but those are the kind of songs I’ve worked on. In the coming time, I would love to explore more. From romantic to sad songs, I will work on these popular songs type too. I hope my fans and followers enjoy the music that I will be sharing in the coming weeks.”

    About being an influence to today’s youth, Car Reviewer Sanskar Daryani says, “If I have made at least one person believe in their dreams, it’s an achievement. I always promote positivity on my Instagram page. I think we all need kind and hopeful words to go on in life.”