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    SAP PP Interview Questions

    Published on February 23, 2011

    A new book by Dreamtech Press, SAP PP Interview Questions (Dreamtech Press, February 23, 2011, INR. 199/-, ISBN: 978-81-7722-796-3) brings to you an economical and time-saving ensemble of probable questions being asked in the technical interviews, and their adequate answers and explanations.

    This book gives not only the overall picture of SAP but also a good in-depth knowledge on the SAP-Production Planning Module. It also contains a detailed view of the potential questions as well as answers that you can expect in an interview related with SAP-PP. Moreover an attempt has been made to cover all the concepts related to Master data, MRP, demand management, SOP, and other important aspects of SAP PP. This book is equipped with Easy to understand language, practical examples, explanation of common issues and also with the answers to typical practical questions. It is highly recommended for learners and technical functional as well as techno-functional professionals.


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