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  • Saraogi Hospital, one of Mumbai’s leading IVF hospitals, offers a range of male infertility treatments, including Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), IMSI, FET, IUI, and IVF.  Dr Mohit Saraogi has been the founder and owner of Saraogi HospitalinMumbaifor the past forty years. He is an IVF specialist and treated more than 18000+ people in becoming parents.

    Dr Mohit Saraogi states that Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) treatment is an advanced assisted reproduction method. The IVF specialist injects a single sperm cell into a mature egg through this method. Also, in certain cases, surgical extraction of sperm is done first. The ICSI procedure is a part of the IVF cycle.  ICSI treatment is an ideal solution for infertile male patients and those with a history of failure in IVF cycles.

    Further, he recommends ICSI treatment for male patients diagnosed with oligospermia, teratozoospermia, asthenozoospermia and those who have done their vasectomy procedure.

    Patients with oligospermia have extremely low sperm count; hence, such couples find it difficult to conceive naturally. Thus, ICSI proves to be another reliable option only after the failure of other treatment options.  

    Teratozoospermia infertility refers to abnormally shaped sperm that make natural conception nearly impossible. Sperms in this type of infertility have a head, midsection or tail defect. In such cases, ICSI treatment has delivered excellent results. Lastly, asthenozoospermia infertility is due to poor sperm motility and is one of the leading causes of male infertility. Sperms in this condition are either metabolic deficient or have other ultrastructural anomalies.

    Apart from infertility, ICSI is recommended when using frozen oocytes during the infertility procedure or in case of non-fertilization despite healthy eggs and sperm. Also, it is the only procedure in which polyspermy is not required, as healthy sperm is used for fertilization. Most IVF specialists suggest this procedure for insemination for HIV-discordant couples to limit the risk of viral exposure during oocyte-semen contact.

    The ICSI procedure involves injecting a single sperm using a micropipette within the centre of the egg, hoping for successful fertilization. This process is performed under supervision in a laboratory and left to grow for at least five days. The fertilized healthy embryo is then transferred to the uterus. 

    The main benefit of the ICSI Treatment is the use of a high magnification microscope to select good quality sperm and other special instruments. As a result, there is little scope for failure in the ICSI procedure.

    About Saraogi Hospital

    Saraogi Hospital is located in the western and central suburbs of Mumbai and is committed to offering high-class medical treatment to pregnant mothers and their babies. They also provide comprehensive maternity services and care to mothers and children throughout the pregnancy experience.  Their treatment charges are very affordable and also offer flexible payment facilities.

    The Saraogi Hospital is synonymous with premium gynaecological, endoscopic, obstetrics and infertility treatments and procedures with a dedicated IVF clinic and laboratory. The experienced infertility specialists working with Dr Mohit Saraogi are updated and trained in the latest IVF procedures.


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