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  • Wednesday, April, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 03:38:41
  • Monsoon Cassia the Mixtape is a compilation of mesmerising music. The whole Mixtapes process had begun in August when there was low pressure in Bhubaneswar, Monsoon Cassia being the name of the mixtape, it gives Sarthak some sort of uniqueness. Cassia is the charm of monsoon Season. As in, Cassia is a flower and it is the charm for monsoon Season bringing out the vibe and the love for the world. Starting from the music production, he was constantly working with his team since a month for his mixtape. He used to sit with Deepak, the producer of Noor-e-Sabah and Aaina till late nights just to finish scratches and make it a complete song. He’s produced the second song Mehfil-E-Shayar by making a fusion of jazz music and Hip-Hop. Talking about the musicality of this mixtape, every song has a very unique sound because he tried to form his own sound, his own USP/ Uniqueness. He tried doing genres which are completely out of his syllabus. He tried moody blues, Lofi boom bap, Bollywood remixes

    So, he thanks his producers mostly for helping me in such a short time and making the best beat possible. Talking about all the features in my mixtape. Starting from Roy, Addyksn, Deepak, Capable and KK. They all have done a superb and fantastic job. Kk was sharing the beat of noor-e-sabah with him, he did a fantastic job and has set a new vibe. We’re actually grateful that he didn’t kill the vibe. He carried it with same energy. Roy and me did a Bollywood remix. A very popular track called “Maula mere Maula” Our Bollywood remix was quite good it already surpassed 1k streams, with a good response from the Audience. Roy has given his best verse where he is seen being Devoted for the universe. He is guilty for his sins. His verse has an effect. His verse will leave you with a question of spirituality within you, capable was sharing the beat with him on Gratus. Gratus is a Greek word for gratitude! So, Sarthak trying to live in the fast lane, is also blinded by the gold. So, he needs to start off.

    He also thanks him for blessing him with some skills for making music. Addyksn and Deepak did a great job. Deepak being a fantastic music producer has given a new vibe to the Mixtape totally as the name suggests! The chorus which he sung totally changed the mood and vibe of his tracks. His sweet and pleasant voice mesmerized everyone and it literally helped me gain a new Audience. Addyksn flexing his tonality on his beat, Mehfil-E-Shayar is his own production and he’s really happy that Addyksn gave a fire chorus and made it loop material. Talking about each and every track.


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