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    Scooty vs Bike- Which One Should You Buy?

    Published on June 29, 2020

    Whether for cruising down an open road or through traffic-clogged streets, two-wheelers make for the best option. Nowadays, with the availability of zero down payment bike loan and two-wheeler loan, you can quickly get your hands on a two-wheeler of your choice. A bike loan is an incredibly affordable option usually available at attractive two-wheeler loan interest rates and comfortable repayment schedules. But the most crucial question when it comes to buying a two-wheeler with a 2-wheeler loan is whether you should buy a scooty or a bike?

    Pros of a Scooty

    • Scooty’s structure and machinery is best suited for shorter distances. Its ease of manoeuvrability makes for a comfortable and smooth ride, especially for the daily commute.
    • A scooty has a footboard in front, near your feet which can be used to carry small to medium luggage like grocery bags, etc. This front portion also acts as a guard and protects your shoes and legs from muddy water splashes during monsoon.
    • A scooty also comes with under-seat storage, thus providing ample space to hold your bag or helmet.
    • A modern scooty is gear-less as most have a CVT transmission. This allows you to concentrate on riding the scooty without worrying about changing gears and engaging or disengaging the clutch. As you don’t need to change gears continually, you can comfortably cruise through the busy Indian roads.

    Pros of a Bike

    • Bikes are known for their sturdy built and robust wheels. This allows them to travel over potholes and uneven roads more safely and with fewer chances of skidding or tipping over.
    • With features like high engine capacity, bigger fuel tank and shock absorbers, bikes are the perfect companion for long-distance commutes. As bikes offer comfortable cruising speeds, you can put your motorcycle into good use while travelling on highways or open roads.
    • Generally, bikes offer a higher mileage as compared to a scooter with the same engine capacity.

    If you are a hardcore biking enthusiast and don’t mind pressing the clutch and shifting gears, then a bike should be your pick.

    Both the bike and the scooty have their set of benefits, but in the end, it depends on what qualities you need your two-wheeler to embody. Once you have decided on a two-wheeler that suits your needs, go for an online two wheeler loan.

    For example, if you have decided to buy a bike, you can apply for an offline or online bike loan. Before applying, compare the bike loan interest rate offered by different lenders so you can choose the one that suits you more. Also, use the bike EMI calculator online to calculate your monthly payments accurately.

    When looking for a two-wheeler loan or bike loan, pick a reputed lender that offers quick online two-wheeler loan at a competitive bike loan interest rates.

    Do use free online two-wheeler loan EMI calculators at Tata Capital website to easily calculate your EMI. With the help of a bike loan EMI calculator, you can plan your EMIs better. If you want a two-wheeler loan, apply online after checking your eligibility, compiling the documentation correctly and filling the application form.