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  • Thursday, July, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 07:27:20
  • Cloudflare, a leading connectivity cloud company is announcing the ability for customers to scan old messages within their Office 365 Inboxes for threats. Retro Scan will detect and highlight any threats so that customers can clean up their inboxes by addressing them within their email accounts. With this information, customers can also implement additional controls, such as using Cloudflare or their preferred solution, to prevent similar threats from reaching their mailbox in the future. The retro scan is currently in a closed beta.

    To be able to access the messages to scan, Cloudflare needs authorization to be able to scan messages. Customers can start this process by providing Cloudflare with the appropriate permissions to scan messages. The second authorization will allow the Cloudflare application to access Active Directory. This is needed to understand which users are within the organization along with which groups they belong to which helps the company’s algorithms better assess if a message is malicious.

    After running a Retro Scan and seeing the results customers can either choose to purchase Cloudflare Area 1 to prevent future threats from making it into their inbox or choose to set up a phishing risk assessment which is a 30-day free trial of the Area 1 product. Whereas the Retro Scan is a great tool to see what latent threats exist, a phishing risk assessment can help customers gain better visibility on all the tools Cloudflare offers to keep mailboxes clean.


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