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  • SEEDS is responding to floods across country through its Flood Ashray initiative

    Published on August 20, 2019

    New Delhi: This year again, devastating floods have struck several states leading to heavy losses of lives and property – over 17 million[i] lives have been impacted. As heavy downpour continues to hit several parts of the country which includes Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Assam and Bihar, SEEDS (Sustainable Environment and Ecological Development Society) is reaching out to the worst-affected communities in key districts of Maharashtra (Solapur, Kolapur and Sangli), Karnataka (Belgaum), Kerala (Wayanad, Mallapuram), Assam (Chirang, Dhemaji) and Bihar (Sitamarhi) with safe drinking water, hygiene kits, medical camps, school education materials and homes that can help families bounce back from their state of despair.

    With its 25 years of experiences, SEEDS believes in starting recovery efforts alongside immediate relief right from the beginning. Restoring homes, schools and health centers helps build long-term security and resilience among people. People affected by these floods need support in building a strong and robust defence against such unpredictable weather phenomena. Enabling resilience is the critical need of the hour.

    Through its Ashray – India Flood Response 2019, SEEDS invites support from all the citizens, corporates, Institutions/Embassies and philanthropists to help restore lives, homes, schools with dignity.

    To know how you can your contribution make a huge difference in someone’s life, visit http://www.seedsindia.org/indiafloodresponse2019

    Join hands with SEEDS as your contribution can help save and restore lives of the most affected people in the floods. Our brothers and sisters across the country look forward to our support, Donate now and spread the word!

    Health Kit

    To help a familycope with minor injuries and illnesses, and protect it from upcoming post-flood diseases such as malaria and dengue.

    Hygiene Kit

    To ensure dignity for a family and protect it from diseases arising from poor sanitary conditions.

    Home Utility Kit

    To enable afamily to cook and rest.

    Student Kit

    To enable a student to restart studies and avoid probable loss of an academic year.

    Rs. 700

    It comprises first-aid, ORS, mosquito repellant and a mosquito net.

    Rs. 1,200

    It comprises toothbrushes and paste, towels, sanitary pads, nail cutter, bathing and washing soap, buckets and mug. An additionalfamily water filter can be included for Rs. 2,500

    Rs. 3,500

    It comprises plates, glasses, bowl, spoons, cooker, floor mat, bedsheet, lighter and solar lamp with USB charger.

    Rs. 1,200

    It comprises a bag, notebook, game, color pencils, pencil box, lunch box and water bottle.























    Health Camp will provide speedy healthcare through trained doctors and medicines.

    Rs. 5 Lacsfor a 7 day camp catering to 1000 families


    Classroom Kit will restart education for a group of children and help avoid loss of academic year. We support teachers to restart studies as soon as possible.
    Rs. 20,000for a classroom


    Home Restoration Kit will help repair and refurbish a home. We will carry out the task together with the home owners.
    Rs. 20,000 for a family

    To ensure there is clean drinking water in the community, we will help clean wells or install community filters where needed.

    Rs. 2 Lacs  per facility

    To ensure schools can welcome students once again, we will work with the school management in repair and restoration of school buildings.

    Rs. 25 Lacsfor a school

    To ensure everyone has a roof over their heads, we will rebuild homes and toilets for families rendered homeless.

    Rs. 1 Crore
    to help a cluster/village of 100 families