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Seeking the best Managed Detection and Response with Prevention-first MDR/MPR

By Sundar Balasubramanian, Managing Director, Check Point Software Technologies, India & SAARC

A common cyber security problem faced by many organizations Everywhere you look, the impact of menacing cyberattacks has become headline news. Check Point’s Mid-Year Report recently revealed a 42 percent global increase in cyberattacks and ransomware is now the number one threat to businesses.

With the increase in attacks, security teams are faced with the distraction of endless alerts and false positives across multiple siloed tools. The problem is compounded by an ongoing skills shortage. Sophisticated attacks have altered the cyber threat landscape to where innovative approaches are now essential to an organization’s security foundation.

One such approach is prevention.

Rather than after-the-fact discovery found with traditional methods, a proactive prevention security strategy is key to offering robust detection, response, and hunting capabilities to stop breaches before they can cause harm.

For many organizations, you have relied on a security operations center (SOC) to provide 24×7 monitoring and threat response. However, detecting threats across the entire IT infrastructure can be painstakingly difficult. Information must be pieced together from various siloed tools while navigating through an endless array of daily alerts. SOCs can also become complex and expensive to operate, and although they supply detection and response capabilities, preventing attacks is not a core strength. The result: Critical attacks can be missed and damage your organization.

Here in India, an organization is being attacked on average 1742 times per week in the last 6 months, compared to 1167 attacks per organization globally, with 70% of malicious files delivered via Email in the last 30 days, which obviously would have negatively impacted these organisations.

So, what’s the solution for these security operations challenges?

Managed Detection and Response (MDR). A solution that can monitor your security landscape every second, minute, and hour all year around. A comprehensive MDR will cover your entire infrastructure of network, cloud, endpoint, email, and more while using powerful threat intelligence and AI technologies. As a service offering, its strengths are even more compelling.

How should I choose an MDR service provider?

Your MDR solution should encompass a prevention-first focus. When a cyberattack breaches your network, relying on detection can be too late. To provide complete transparency to service activities, your MDR solution should include an intuitive web portal with detailed visibility into all incidents, threat analysis, and security recommendations. Not to be overlooked, an MDR service must provide simple onboarding with fast integration into your existing security stack and ecosystem. As result, your SOC investment and overhead will be lowered by avoiding investments in tools, integration, recruiting, training, and staffing.

In addition, you should look for an MDR service solution with these following capabilities:

Fortunately, there is a service that has all these capabilities, and more.

Introducing Check Point Horizon MDR/MPR: Bringing prevention-first MDR to your SOC operations

The Horizon MDR/MPR service proactively prevents, monitors, detects, investigates, hunts, responds, and remediates attacks on your environment, in real-time and with fewer resources. With Horizon MDR/MPR, Check Point elite experts will deliver SOC-as-a-Service with monitoring of your security estate 24/7 – no matter the products or solutions in place. An Incident Response team with 25-years’ experience helps you analyze, correlate and understand what’s happening, and responds on your behalf to make recommendations to drive a prevention mindset throughout the entire delivery of the service.

Prevention is achieved across your entire landscape and at the enforcement point level with industry leading Check Point’s Quantum, CloudGuard, and Harmony solutions. To safeguard your organization and contain attacks and prevent them from spreading, Check Point Horizon MDR/MPR’s auto-prevention technology allows you to isolate hosts and quarantine files. It can also future proof your security operations by enforcing best practices such as patch installation and IPS configuration administration thus minimizing vulnerabilities.

Powerful SecOps with a prevention-first MDR approach

Get superior protection with an end-to-end proactive security operations service backed by the industry’s top analysts that:

Operational peace of mind

Avoid SOC overhead with simple, responsive and transparent security operations as-a-service :

We believe the strength of any MDR service is in its people, and prevention is in our DNA. With Horizon MDR/MPR, customers receive help from the direct experience of our Incident Response team who handle more than 3,000 incidents per year. If you do not have the resources to run a bullet-proof 24/7 SOC, we will do it for you.

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