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  • Seha Orthopedic Clinic Enables Patient To Stop Using Wheelchair

    Published on July 12, 2021

    Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, (SEHA), the UAE’s largest healthcare network, has unveiled a new orthopedic clinic in Abu Dhabi’s Baniyas and Al Bahia Healthcare Centers, which are managed by Ambulatory Healthcare Services (AHS), in line with the network’s drive towards streamlining access for specialized services.

    Dr. Ahmed Al Shamary, Orthopedic Specialist, Oud-Al-Touba Diagnostic & Screening Center said: Orthopedic challenges and pain in the bone, muscle, or joints have a significant impact on a person’s overall quality of life, which is why early diagnosis and rapid treatment is extremely important. To ensure early diagnosis, we utilize the latest diagnostic tools available, such as the DEXA scan, which is a quick and painless procedure that measure bone density and is often used to diagnose or assess the risk of osteoporosis. In addition, treating orthopedic ailments is not limited to the orthopedic department, patients often require referral to rheumatology or endocrinology or physiotherapy sessions, to support overall treatment. Therefore, we ensure that we put a comprehensive treatment plan in coordination with the patient’s family physician and the relevant specialist, in order to provide a holistic treatment plan that improves the patient’s quality of life.”

    Recently, a 59-year-old patient visited Al Zafaranah Diagnostic & Screening Center suffering from multiple co-morbidities including obesity, end stage kidney disease, and hypertension. She came in using a wheelchair as she had extreme pain in both knees. X-rays and Ultrasounds carried out by the team showed signs of osteoarthritis (the most common form of arthritis) of both knees, with the DEXA scan also revealing osteoporosis. The team developed a treatment plan that includes pain relief and anti-inflammatory injections for both knees with a two-week gap between each. The injections helped relieve the pain in her knees and she soon began walking with the support of a walking stick instead of a wheelchair.

    Dr. Dilshad Elahee Ansari, Orthopaedic Specialist, Al Zafaranah Diagnostic & Screening Center, said: “Since the patient was suffering from multiple illnesses and was undergoing frequent dialysis, and with the help of the DEXA scan and other exploratory tests and images, we developed a precise and cautious treatment plan to counter her pain and knee swelling. We opted to proceed with local injections as opposed to oral medications since she is already on robust medication plans to treat her other conditions. The patient is responding well and has already shown remarkable improvement.”

    The orthopedics clinics, which have a combined daily capacity of 120 patients, are available in Abu Dhabi at Al Zafaranah Diagnostic & Screening Center, in addition to the newly opened clinics in Baniyas and Al Bahia. And in Al Ain, the clinic is available at Oud Al Touba Diagnostic & Screening Center, Al Yahar, Al Hili and Al Quaa healthcare centers.

    Meanwhile, the DEXA scan is available for patients who visit Al Bateen Healthcare Center, Al Zafaranah Diagnostic & Screening Center, Madinat Khalifa Healthcare Center, and Baniyas Healthcare Center in Abu Dhabi and Al Jahili Healthcare Center, Al Yahar Healthcare Center, and Oud Al Touba Diagnostic & Screening Center in Al Ain and recently is available at Mezyad Healthcare Center.


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