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  • Thursday, June, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 06:42:48
  • In an era when mental health awareness is vital, these applications provide users with easily available information to help them manage stress, anxiety, and other difficulties. Each app offers unique features geared to individual needs, including mindfulness and meditation guidance, mood tracking, and therapy sessions. These apps, with their user-friendly UI and adjustable options, allow people to prioritize their mental health in a convenient and effective manner. Whether you’re looking for daily inspiration, virtual therapy sessions, or individualized self-care routines, these top options reflect the cutting edge of mental health technology in 2024, promoting wellbeing and resilience from the palm of your hand.


    Co-founded by Anshul Kamath and Rohan Arora in 2020, Evolve is a health-tech startup on a mission to make mental health safe, simple, and joyful! The Evolve app and its proprietary interface help users improve their mental well-being through interactive content based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). The app was recognised as part of ‘Google Play’s Best Of 2021’ in India and currently has over 2,50,000 users from across the world. Evolve has a strong focus on LGBTQ+ audiences, with curated content and offerings specifically for members of the community.


    Bengaluru based YourDOST is a platform that allows customers to connect with experts to discuss issues related to your personal, professional and academic life. The professionally trained counsellors help the customers cope with work stress, relationship issues, enhance self-image, and support you in your quest for self-improvement. Their salient features: Private and Confidential interactions, Anonymous Discussions, 24×7 support, claims to have conducted over 25lakh sessions.


    Amaha (formerly known as InnerHour) is a tech-led omnichannel mental health platform solving the 95% treatment gap in mental health in India. The platform offers a range of tools and services to support individuals with their psychological needs. Amaha is run by a team of experienced healthcare and technology professionals who are passionate about using technology to deliver high quality mental healthcare to Indians who are struggling, regardless of age, location, gender and occupation. Dr. Amit Malik, Founder and CEO, and Neha Kirpal, Co-founder, bring both the provider and user perspectives on mental and emotional health to Amaha, along with successful entrepreneurial experience both in India and abroad.


    Wysa is a conversational agent which measures the emotions expressed by users. Using evidence-based cognitive and behavioural techniques Wysa uses micro-actions to help the user to feel better. It also claims that the symptoms of anxiety and depression have been halved in its users who have used the chatbot support for over three months.


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