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  • SEO Success: From a College Dropout to Millionaire, Here’s Piyush Shah’s Success Story

    Published on April 11, 2022

    “It’s your talent, belief, and dedication that takes you higher down the road to life.”

    We always hear such quotes; however, there are few who live by them. One of them is Piyush Shah.

    Piyush Shah is an SEO specialist, currently heading the SEO operations at Dukaan, an eCommerce startup providing small business owners and entrepreneurs a platform to take their business online at reasonable and affordable prices.

    Piyush Shah has over six years of experience as an SEO specialist. Over the years, he has achieved phenomenal success in the field. He has helped major businesses and websites achieve success and growth by organically ranking their websites on top positions, even on the most competitive and challenging keywords.

    Being a college dropout, he was always judged for his decisions; however, he kept moving. “I believe in my skills and talents. Having a degree may or may not get me anywhere in my life, but the belief and dedication that I put in my skills and desires to become an entrepreneur will surely help me achieve my goals,” he says.

    He further mentioned, “While I was constantly judged for my decision to drop out of college mid-way, even criticized for the same at some point in my life, I always knew that my talent and dedication would push me through, and they sure did.”

    After years of practice and experience in the field, he definitely proved the judgments wrong and his decision to follow his dreams and goals right.

    His success is evident from his current position as the Head of SEO at Dukaan, where he manages end-to-end SEO activities and operations. With his skill set, he has managed to help Dukaan’s organic growth scale from a website and application traffic of merely Zero to 500K+ at present. The numbers are still growing with time.

    For his future plans, he says that he is a person who goes by the flow of things and makes calculated decisions at the same time. He has not set any specific future goals that require a mention; however, he has his eyes set on dedicatedly continuing what he has been doing and helping companies grow organically.

    With this success story, Piyush Shah is definitely an inspiration for every person doubting their capabilities. Success lies in your belief system. Once you start believing in yourself, success follows! You can follow and read his content at LinkedIn , Twitter , Facebook.


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