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    Serefe Launches its First Holistic Therapy Center in Gurugram, focusing on Infancy to Elderly clients

    Published on December 15, 2020

    Serefe, an eminent holistic wellbeing team of counsellors and website has launched its first clinic Serefe Child Development & Enhancement Center;  Serefe Holistic Therapy Center in Gurugram today. The clinic onboards a team of very well trained & professionally qualified Child Psychologist, Occupational Therapist, Clinical Psychologist, Special Educator, and various other therapists like ABA, ASL, Hypnotherapy, Expressive Arts Therapy experts from across the country.

    Serefe Child Development & Enhancement Centre is specially designed with children in mind. Their therapists are sensitive to the needs of children and a facility provides a clean safe kids friendly environment. With the skills to help them engage in an environment where they feel safe, your child can meet the therapy goals without realising that they are receiving therapeutic interventions.

    It’s services in Child Center includes, Paediatric Occupational Therapy, Special Education Program, ABA Therapy, Speech-Language Therapy, and Expressives Art Therapy. Every program is unique depending on your child’s needs and goals services may be provided individually or in small groups. Their  therapists communicate with each other through the child therapy in order to reinforce strategies that help them reach their goals. 

    In addition to that, their Holistic Therapy Center offers varied unique services with specialists like Clinical Psychologists, Clinical Hypnotherapists, Past-Life Regression therapists, Art Therapists, Pranic and Reiki Healers, Dance & Movement Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Audiology Speech and Language Therapist. They believe in helping an individual to heal and have an overall holistic development.

    Commenting on the development, Ms. Seema, Co-Founder, Serefe, said, “We have built two centers, catering all needs of a child with special needs to the healing & holistic development of an adult. We are to help our clients build a- “Healthy body-Healthy Mind- Healthy Soul” which will eventually lead to an overall happy self.

    Serefe is going to conduct 2 hour- virtual christmas celebration- free workshop for parents and children, and later on the new year, they will be conducting another workshop for adults, and many more such workshops moving forward. 

    Additionally, in the next few years, Serefe aims to expand its footprints into multiple cities across India, and will keep adding a plethora of unique services as per the requirements of clients and society. Speaking on which, Ms. Simmy Rohilla, Program Director & Clinical Psychologist, Serefe said We have researched a lot & tried to come up with our unique center where you get all the therapeutic services under one roof, one place for all. Further, our motto is to expand to all those areas in India where there is a lack of such  facilities, we want to spread awareness and provide help to those in need”