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  • Servotech and 2Power to invest 10 Million EUR to introduce PVT Technology in India

    Published on October 8, 2021

    New Delhi: Leading manufacturer of LED Lights andSolar Products, Servotech Power Systems Ltd. announced its collaboration with German solar module company 2Power Gmbh to bring PVT Technology 2Power WP+ system in India. Through this PVT technology now solar modules will produce electricity, heat and cooling through the adsorption process. Through this collaboration, Servotech, which recently launched the #O2FORALL effort to bridge the gap between oxygen concentrators and patients, will use this technology to manufacture and assemble these modules in India to produce cooling which can be the best substitute for air conditioners. It enables the generation, storage and distribution of electricity and heat without the restraints of conventional systems. The modules, that are simply mounted on the roof are visually appealing and generate electricity, heat and cooling through the heat pump system to the end-users home.

    Using this technology the excess electricity can be stored in intelligent electricity storage systems and reused at night. This system is fully eligible, noise-free, can cool in summer, and does not need an outdoor unit.

    Commenting on the collaboration, Raman Bhatia, Managing Director, Servotech Power Systems Ltd. said, “With the rapid growth of solar in India, the increasing market players, and the positive consumer bent towards it, Servotech has planned to set out about 10 Million Euros for the project. Furthermore, considering how the project pans out, this investment can further appreciatively vary. In 2018, technology has come out as a success in multiple spaces, one of which includes BHU University, Varanasi.”


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