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  • SG&D Agencies Offers Considerations to Restaurants Converting to Delivery during Coronavirus

    Published on April 10, 2020

    COHASSET, CHATHAM, HYANNI: SG&D Insurance Agencies, (https://sgdins.com), a family-run insurance agency that has served customers across the state and beyond for nearly 100 years, has issued parameters for restaurants to consider when converting to delivery services during the coronavirus.


    They advise that business owners protect their workers by identifying hazards and offering strategies to stay safe while making deliveries.


    ·        Reinforce good driving behaviors by reminding them to wear their seat belts at all times, never use handheld cell phones while driving, avoid allowing others in the vehicle, obey all traffic laws and sign a safe driving policy.

    ·        Be sure all delivery drivers are qualified with a valid driver’s license and an acceptable driving record.

    ·        Be sure to review your insurance policies with a qualified insurance professional to ensure you have no gaps in coverage. Your restaurant policy will need auto coverage to extend to employee’s vehicles.

    ·        Screen deliveries user caller ID. Not only does this help you trace the location of the customers, but it can also help you maintain delivery records.

    ·        Take payments through an online ordering system or over the phone.

    ·        Post signage on the vehicle to deter criminals. For example, the signage could read, “Drivers carry limited amount of cash.” Encourage customers to use debit or credit cards.

    ·        Leverage technology, like in-car surveillance cameras and GPS systems to monitor drivers and locate them quickly in the event of an incident. Drivers should have cell phones they can use to contact your restaurant or alert the authorities in emergency situations.

    ·        Refrain from making late-night deliveries, as employees may be especially vulnerable to crime during this time.


    Christine Cunning, a principal at SG&D Agencies, said, “Many restaurants have turned to delivery service as a community service and a means of survival during this pandemic. If your restaurant is starting a delivery service it is critical to consider the risks and take the proper steps to safeguard employees. It is also very important to safeguard customers by establishing clear guidelines for ensuring employees are healthy and that extensive hygiene is maintained at all times.”