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    Sh Ahmed Al Khalifa Will “Never Walk Alone”

    Published on May 24, 2021

    *Learning incredible virtues by supporting Liverpool FC, Sh. Ahmed Al Khalifa has attained glorious success in both professional and personal life.*

    The pandemic has taught us that football is nothing without the fans. The roar of victory, the jeers of defeat, the highs of glory, and the lows of disappointing results, without the fans, there is no meaning to football. At a football club, there is a holy trinity – the players, the manager, and the supporters. The same stands true for Liverpool Football Club, which has the most passionate and die-hard fans around the globe. One of them is a man from Bahrain who has supported the club all his life and has learned different virtues from his football team; he is Sh. Ahmed Al Khalifa.

    Sh. Ahmed Al Khalifa, age 32, is the director of HR and Finance in urban planning and development authority In Bahrain. He has continuously worked for the government for 11 years. His innate passion, dedication, and spirit of never giving up all have been imbibed by following his favourite football club. These virtues have helped him greatly on a personal level, and he has attained towering success due to it.

    Sh. Ahmed Al Khalifa’s love for Liverpool began when he witnessed the reds play football. He loved the atmosphere at Anfield and felt connected to the club instantly. Be it the legacy of Bill Shankly, Bob Paisley, Kenny Dalglish, or the star players like Steve McManaman, Paul Ince, or Michael Owen, he felt at home, supporting them.

    Being 3000 miles away from the Merseyside, Ahmed Al Khalifa would stay up late to watch his team play, and he has continued that habit of never missing his team’s matches. He learned the never-say-die attitude from his team, who would always come back, despite witnessing the lows. He also learned to be passionate about things in life, to focus on his goals, and attain them without giving any excuses. He also learned football and with years of hard work and determination, he went on to play for the U18s side of Riffa SC for two years. Managing his professional life, Ahmed also donned the hat of a director for Bahrain’s U23s side and went on to become a board member at Riffa SC.

    Ahmed Al Khalifa’s continued love affair for the club reached the pinnacle when he flew to see a live match at Anfield, with 50,000 fans, at the famous Kop-end. It was truly a surreal moment for him, as his team beat Dery County 6-0. He has then witnessed many brilliant matches live, where his team came from behind to win.

    Sh. Ahmed Al Khalifa is also a reason why Liverpool’s anthem is “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, he believes in being a team player than vesting his interests in personal glory. Supporting the reds has made him attain exquisite success, with the virtues of passion, dedication, and the never-say-die attitude.