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  • Share.Market empowers investors with WealthBasket, a seamless and user friendly investment solution

    Published on May 27, 2024

     a PhonePe product, is shining a spotlight on its innovative investment solution: WealthBaskets – a basket of stocks and ETFs, carefully selected and bundled by our SEBI-registered research arm. 

    As an investor, it is always challenging to navigate the vast array of investment options in the stock market available for one’s portfolio. The challenge lies in identifying which option serves to achieve an investor’s financial goals. WealthBaskets provides investors with varied choices, that are based on in-depth research, simplified to cater to their needs.

    WealthBaskets offers numerous benefits:

    ●         Easy to use: WealthBaskets are user-friendly investment products. Investors can sign up in minutes and start investing with as little as ₹1000—an investment product for everybody, whether it is a newbie or a seasoned investor.

    ●         Diverse Options: WealthBasket not only removes the need for individual stock selection and complex analysis but also gives varied choices across multiple asset classes, sectors, themes and factors, which helps user diversify its existing holdings: For example:

    ○          Equity based ETF WealthBasket:  such as – Giants of India WealthBasket (minimum investment required – INR 1,000) – invests through ETFs in 250 of the largest and most trusted companies of India offering a balanced mix of stability and growth.

    ○          Asset allocation WealthBaskets such as – Evergreen High Growth WealthBasket (minimum investment required – INR 5,000) – switches between gold, debt, and equity  to ensure a balance between returns, protection, and stability.

    ○          Factor Based WealthBasket such as – Smart Momentum WealthBasket (minimum investment required – INR 50,000) – captures momentum stocks with upward trends, while the value factor in this WealthBasket identifies undervalued stocks, and quality factor ensures robustness, aiming to deliver better returns than the market.

    ●         No Lock-in: WealthBaskets have no lock-in period, allowing investors to make withdrawals at any time with ease.

    ●         Transparency and control: Owing to complete visibility of their portfolio, investors have the choice to modify stock allocations weightage as per their preferences

    Sharing a perspective on WealthBaskets, Ujjwal Jain, CEO of Share.Market, said, “At Share.Market our vision is to equip investors across India with accessible and simplified solutions, paving the way for wealth generation. WealthBaskets streamlines investment journeys, providing seamless experiences and expert guidance from our research arm. Through WealthBasket, we are not only transforming portfolios; we are reshaping the future of investing.”

    Launched last year, Share.Market elevates discount broking by providing market intelligence, quantitative research-based WealthBaskets, a scalable technology platform, and a great customer experience for investors and traders alike. It provides a wide spectrum of investment products allowing investors across different demographics to build a well-rounded and balanced portfolio. Share.Market offers stocks (intraday and delivery), Mutual Funds, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), and WealthBaskets.


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