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Shell India unveils the new Shell Advance Fuel Save10W30’, to deliver enhanced fuel economy

Shell, the global market share leader in finished lubricants, has launched the Shell Advance Fuel Save 10W-30 at a virtual event, in the presence of consumers and trade partners. As the name suggests, the Shell Advance Fuel Save 10W30 is engineered to enhance fuel economy and deliver monetary savings. The product provides savings of approx. Rs 2500 annually for daily riders who clock higher running hours/distance on the road. Consumers can ride an additional 5 kms per litre on same amount of fuel and minimize their running cost.

The unveiling of the fuel save pack is a part of Shell’s larger customer centric campaign – Shell Advance Outriders Trail. The campaign is the extension of the brand’s promise to its bikers to relentlessly pursue their passion of biking, irrespective of the challenges, the pandemic related uncertainty and the changing world dynamics that have impacted fuel prices. This campaign not only honours bikers’ love for riding, but also rewards their spirit by giving a chance to three lucky bikers to try this new product themselves while riding with India’s top professional bikers.

Speaking at its launch, Ms. Debanjali Sengupta, Country Head, Shell Lubricants India, said,

As the world’s leading lubricants supplier, we are driven by market demand, detailed insights, and the commitment to deliver high quality products suited to our consumers’ evolving needs. This product is a solution for value conscious daily bike riders for whom mileage or reducing the running cost is an important consideration amidst rising fuel prices. At Shell, it’s our priority to reduce carbon emissions through sustainable solutions. Our new product, Fuel Save is expertly engineered to give extended fuel economy to our consumers and contribute to sustainability by reducing per km fuel consumption.

Shell Advance Fuel Save is a superior fully synthetic product made of pure plus technology that brings cost economy by improving bike mileage to unleash the maximum potential of the bikes. The Shell Advance Outriders Trails campaign has been created to offer riders an avenue to share an exciting biking experience while using the Fuel Save product and allows them to share their experiences alongside celebrated influencers – Biker for Good, Story on Wheels and Gowtaman. Scheduled from May’22 onwards, the expedition will cover several popular trails including Delhi – Spiti, Thane – Malvan and Chennai – Himachal.

With Shell’s global, cutting-edge formulation, Advance Fuel Save has been introduced in India in the 10W30 viscometrical grade, which meets highest specifications, including the American Petroleum Institute (API) SN and Japanese Automotive Standards Organization (JASO) – MA2 specifications.[1] The Shell Advance Fuel Save 10W-30[2], blended with the Shell PurePlus™ Technology-derived base oils (known as Gas-To-Liquid or GTL) is expertly engineered to give extra mileage of 5 km per litre fuel. Its molecules are uniformly sized and are easier to slide over when compared to conventional base oil with irregular dimensions. It is meant for customers who are daily riders with higher running hours on the road and need an engine oil that consumes less fuel and gives extra mileage. Its technology enables high temperature protection and no power loss at the end of 12000 kms. The product keeps pistons and engines clean and provides superior wear protection while retaining horsepower. Priced at MRP INR 670/litre, the lubricant is available in 1L packs across markets pan India.

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