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  • Kolkota–Shell Lubricants will host its first Technology Forum for Industrial sector in Kolkata on September 10, 2010 to showcase its Lubricant Technology Expertise. As the global market share leader in finished lubricants, Shell Lubricants sees great market potential in East India. This is because of the diverse business opportunities the region provides, for a wide portfolio of lubricants across fast-growing industries like, metals, mining, power, construction and automobile sectors.

    According to Mr. Donald Anderson, Country Head – Lubricants, Shell India Markets Pvt. Ltd., “India is one of the largest lubricant markets in the world with an approximate market size of 1.7 billion litres (according to various industry sources). With the economy back on track and being driven by a renewed focus on infrastructure, Shell Lubricants is keen to capitalise on this growth. There is a huge untapped, emerging market, especially in the Eastern states of India, which is of great interest to Shell Lubricants.”

    According to a CII McKinsey Report titled “Turning the minerals and metals potential of eastern India into a gold mine”, the eastern states of India like West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Orissa have the potential to unleash an unprecedented economic boom with metals and minerals contributing nearly 46% of the growth.

    Shell Lubricants’ strategy to increase penetration in the eastern states of India will focus on the following four aspects namely establishing its technological supremacy, exploring untapped market segments in sectors like metals, power, mining etc., forging new business partnerships in the region and strengthening its marketing effort.

    Shell Lubricants recognizes the importance of cutting-edge technology in helping industries reduce downtime and maintenance costs while improving fuel and energy efficiency. The Shell Group invested over $1.1 billion globally in research and development in 2009. The company’s commitment to research and development reflects that it is well placed to introduce the next generation of world-leading lubricants. Shell’s range of lubricants includes hydraulic oils, industrial gear oils, greases, air compressor oil, heavy duty diesel engine and gear oils, passenger car motor oils, motorcycle oils and others.

    “Our commitment to technology and innovation continues to be at the core of our global strategy. We believe our technologies and global technical expertise will be critical growth drivers for our business. Hosting Shell Lubricants Technology Forum in Kolkata this year, is aimed at strengthening our association with different industries in this region,” added Mr. Donald Anderson. Shell Lubricants works with original equipment manufacturers to draw upon its technical knowledge and expertise to deliver a range of heavy duty lubricant products, business services and maintenance solutions that can add real value to businesses.

    Mr. David Curro, Group Manager East – Lubricants Technology, Shell Lubricants said, “Lubricants play a vital role in many industries, and effective application of the correct lubricants is critical for efficient manufacturing and trouble-free operation. Through this Technology Forum we aim to demonstrate the tremendous changes in lubricants technology and the impact these have on optimisation of business performance across industry sectors. For instance, many mining operations have the potential to cut costs by improving maintenance practices. At a platinum mine, one company reports saving $1.4 million in a year by using the Shell LubeAnalyst oil and equipment condition monitoring service. The service is helping the company to focus on continual improvement in its maintenance practices. In the Power sector, on-time and on budget delivery of critical projects, demands maximised availability of power equipment and lubricants play an important role here. Shell Lubricants has a powerful knowledge of all industries and works with customers to maximise their productivity”.

    According to Kline & Company, Shell Lubricants secured the top spot as the global market share leader, supplying 13% of all finished lubricants in 2008. Shell Lubricants has a rapidly expanding business in India with a state-of-the-art blending plant in Taloja outside Mumbai and distribution facilities across India