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  • Wednesday, February, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 03:45:15
  •  Bengaluru: Shiro, Bangalore’s iconic Pan-Asian restaurant, is excited to unveil its special Winter Bowl Menu, showcasing an enticing selection of soupy bowls and one-pot dishes, crafted to warm patrons’ hearts and souls this sweater weather. The menu will be available from 15th December 2023 until 15th January 2024 for both lunch and dinner.

    The Winter Bowl Menu is a celebration of the season’s essence, bringing together flavours from Japan, Korea, China, and Southeast Asia. Dive into the Soupy Bowls featuring the Vietnamese favourite comfort food Pho, perfected with rice noodles and refreshing herbs. Experience the heartwarming Japanese Sukiyaki with udon noodles – a beloved Nabemono-style communal dish ideal for sharing delicious moments with loved ones. Delve into the Jjamppong seafood soup – a go-to winter dish in Korea known for its spicy and aromatic broth or indulge in the delectable Laksa – a Southeast Asian delight boasting a spiced coconut broth that offers both comfort and respite from the winter chill.

    In addition to the Soupy Bowls, the menu showcases One Pot Meal and includes carefully curated dishes. Savour the Japanese Claypot Sesame Salmon, where the succulent salmon and sesame-infused flavours not only please the palate but also offer a comforting and nourishing experience essential during the colder months in Japan. Explore the perfection of Korean BBQ Bulgogi, featuring grilled tenderloin – a sought-after winter dish celebrated for its rich and savoury profile. Consider the Thai special Pad Kaprow Gai, bringing a delightful burst of flavour and warmth to the winter table. Apart from these, the selection offers a variety of enticing options to choose from, ensuring a diverse and satisfying dining experience.

    Explore these winter specials at Shiro as each dish is served piping hot. Savour the warmth and richness of Pan-Asian cuisine at Shiro.

    For reservations, please call: 080 4173 8861.

    Where: Shiro, UB City

    When: 15th December 2023 until 15th January 2024

    Time: Lunch and Dinner

    Price: Starts at INR 399 plus taxes 

    For media queries please contact:

    Abhishek Das: +91 88265 82632

    Swaha Sircar: +91 98865 80087

    Nasreen Patel: +91 99452 80507


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