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  • Thursday, April, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 08:20:05
  • Shlok Nair, the most sought after names in the digital industry who has established himself as one of the successful entrepreneurs in recent times.

    Shlok Nair started his career as a journalist and media personality at a very young age. With an experience of more than seven years exposed Shlok to the world of fame, image-making and digital medium. This was when the germ of doing something out of the box started growing in Shlok’s mind.

    After gaining immense experience and knowledge about digital marketing and image-making, the young persona took a leap and faith and embarked on the journey of being an entrepreneur.

    Today, Shlok Nair holds wide expertise in online branding, YouTube, building google presence, Public Relations and anything and everything revolving around the digital medium.

    He is the owner of Mumbai’s Okbronetwork PR and Digital, an agency that provides one stop solutions for public relations and online reputation management.

    With a clientele of more than 500 clients ranging from Entrepreneurs to Politicians to Actors to influencer from across the globe has helped Shlok Nair create a brand value for himself in the market.

    “Nothing is difficult if you focus on achieving it rightfully. I have learnt a lot from where I have started. Being a journalist and a media person has not only exposed me to the real world but also helped me understand my life goals. The journey from being nothing to having a company that takes care of public relations and digital marketing is nothing short of an achievement for me

    Shlok Nair is best known for having a strong network. Over the years, he has smartly invested his time in meeting and connecting with new people that helped him as a ladder to climb the highway to success. With all the dedication and hard work, shlok has rightfully done justice to the title of being called as a digital disruptor and is currently looking forward to trying hands onto various other sector and expand his wing.


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