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  • Silicon Core: The Smallest And Most Autonomous Engine In The World

    Published on September 19, 2023

     SilMach®  is the pioneer in silicon micromechanics. These hybrid MEMS  are pushing the limits of miniaturization and knowledge. They bring to life disruptive and highly innovative projects, such as the bio-inspired “Dragonfly” nanodrone. The deeptech company designs, develops, manufactures and integrates MEMS microsystems that are revolutionizing the mechanics and motorization of micromachines. MEMS micromachines are opening up new prospects for high-tech sectors such as aeronautics, energy, transport, medicine and agriculture, and are about to disrupt the world of watchmaking – a market representing a billion parts.

    SilMach® is a deeptech company specializing in silicon micromechanics, developing hybrid MEMS micromachines that are revolutionizing various sectors thanks to their miniaturization and their capacity for innovation. This technology has been the subject of more than 60 patent applications and has won over the biggest players in the industry in France and abroad.

    Three main families of SilMach® solutions

    –           PowerMEMS® solutions: micromotors and microsystems designed to drive ultra-compact and extremely precise mechanisms used in connected objects, nomadic technologies, embedded systems, scientific instrumentation, etc. Non-magnetic, robust and very efficient in terms of energy consumption, they are mainly intended for the world of microelectronics, in particular in the fields of watchmaking (electronic watches) and healthcare (micro-valves, micro-pumps and micro-actuators, etc.).

    –           ChronoMEMS® solutions: energy-free hybrid MEMS mechanical sensors for monitoring, enabling any logistics or operational decision-maker to know exactly how each piece of hardware, equipment or structure actually operates or becomes damaged in service. ChronoMEMS solutions can be applied in several areas, including the detection of shocks, deformations and excess temperature or pressure.

    –           MyMEMS® solutions: silicon parts and components made and assembled on demand.

    Expertise combined with unique know-how…

    The manufacture of SilMach® hybrid MEMS solutions is based on unique know-how in integrating ultra-precise silicon components in a conventional micromechanical environment. As well as conceptualizing, modelling, designing and prototyping MEMS solutions, the engineers and technicians also develop all the mechanical and electronic interfaces necessary for the integration of SilMach® innovations into hospitality products. The deeptech company is therefore able to offer its expertise at every stage in the project’s life – from R&D to the quality control process, including systematic testing of correct functioning. SilMach® guarantees engaged eco-design, as well as exceptional project traceability thanks to the internationalization of a large number of skills and a regional supply chain.

    ISO 9001-2015-certified, SilMach® has all the latest hi-tech machines to manufacture, test and assemble silicon chips on wafer. To meet market standards in terms of quality, precision and reliability, production mobilizes resources for manufacturing and assembling silicon components in a controlled clean-room environment.

    The target production capacity of SilMach® is a few hundred thousand hybrid MEMS products per year. For larger volumes, the company offers industrial partnership solutions that can go as far as technology transfer, such as the 2018 collaboration with Timex – the world leader in watchmaking – to develop the commercialization and mass production of PowerMEMS solutions for the watchmaking industry.

    … recognized internationally

    Having won the national competition for innovative technology startups organized by the French Ministry of Research in 2003, SilMach® has since received numerous distinctions: “Micro d’Or” at the MICRONORA trade fair in 2004 and 2014, Science & Defence Prize in 2006, INPI Innovation Trophy in 2010, Engineer General Chanson Prize in 2014, Member of BPIfrance Excellence since 2014, INPI Talents in 2015, “Victor de l’Entreprise” in 2016, etc.

    Thanks to these distinctions, as well as its perpetual efforts to innovate, the company is now recognized and acclaimed in France and internationally by numerous manufacturers in the aeronautics, nuclear, military, land transport and watchmaking markets, among others, who are convinced of the infinite potential of the applications offered by SilMach®.

    Key figures

    Number of employees: 28

    Clean room for hybridization assembly, unique in the world

    Number of patents: more than 60, with extensions

    Production capacity: 300,000 motors/year

    Number of business customers: 40


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