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  • Wednesday, January, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 10:22:56
  • Everyone knows Bibin Babu – The youth icon as an entrepreneur, investor and tech enthusiast. But now he is adding another adjective alongside his name and that is ‘Singer’. The brilliant tech investor is now also a singer. Having interest in music since his childhood the Bibin never got the perfect time or moment to explore his passion for music throughout his life.  But as this global pandemic and lockdown has changed many people’s lives. It has also changed a bit for him. During this time of being stuck at home and having much free time to his hand he rediscovered and explored hi passion for singing once again.

    Due to having a naturally soft singing voice he did not have to face many difficulties while learning the craft of singing.  With each day gradually he is getting closer to perfection and with his singing performances winning hearts all around. His new found talent showed him into a new spotlight for a completely different reason. And now he is getting praised by many people for his singing.

    While already having a steady and successful career and life Bibin Babu has now made it even more exciting and fun with his artistic touch. Music is something very personal and touchy to each one of us. With his singing Bibin is now going to touch people’s lives even more deeply and emotionally.

    Over the years Bibin has proven himself to be a multi-talented individual who is a role model for many youngsters around the country with his achievements and approach to life. If any youth who follows him and his journey will learn from him to always follow your heart and work for your dreams tirelessly and it will come true sooner or later one day for sure.