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  • Singer Massab Shoukat To Enthrall His Fans With A Funky Track ‘Under Rated’

    Published on September 13, 2021

    Massab Shoukat is a well-known Rawalpindi singer, composer, and musician. He’s done some incredible work in the past, earning him the title of a favourite artist. Massab has shown with his remarkable musical talent that if one’s heart and mind are in the right place, one can achieve great success in their career. He wanted to be a singer since childhood and worked hard to achieve his goals. 

    Rawalpindi’s favourite musician is about to release a new music project that would mesmerise his fans. Under Rated, a new song by the brilliant singer is slated to be released soon. The song was written and sung by Massab, and music composer Sahil Chika directed the music for Under Rated. In addition, the musician tempted his fans by releasing an amazing song poster.

    Massab describes his new track as follows, “Singing and creating songs have always been my strong suits. I had been waiting for the perfect occasion to show the rest of the world my work. In today’s society, I understand that in order to share one’s work with the public, one does not need to engage with huge production houses. My song will be shared on social media, and my audience will be aware of it. I know the song has a lot of promise, and I’m hoping it gets a lot of play.”

    When did Massab Shoukat realise he wanted to be a singer? The artist answers, “From childhood, music played a key role in our family. My parents always encouraged me to do my best and supported my dreams. I used to listen to music from different parts of the world. So I made a promise that one day, I will share my music to the world which peple will enjoy. I am happy that my dreams are coming true.”

    Meanwhile, singer Massab Shoukat says that this is just the beginning for him. In the coming months, he will talk about his exciting projects and new tracks which have a cheerful and groovy tune.