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  • Singer T$WIM showcases his extraordinary talent through his singles and EPs, which have topped the charts

    Published on April 24, 2022

    This ingenious singing talent has won a million hearts with his spectacular singing, which has won him wide recognition._*

    We have noticed how the creative world, especially the music sphere, has welcomed a steady stream of talented artists who have showcased their capabilities in front of the world and gained global recognition, which has taken their popularity to the next level. Their creativity and mastery over their craft has won them a prominent position, to such levels that they are very close to super stardom. Such extraordinary music talents, especially singers, are rare to find who have done wonders by unleashing their creative and versatile side, and succeeded within a short span of time of getting into the music space professionally. One name amongst the current breed of artists who has the potential to make it big in the world of music is that of T$WIM.

    This emerging singing artist has charmed the listeners with his voice, which has an endearing and distinctive quality that sets him apart from others. His talent and versatility has won him a humongous fan following, who have openly applauded his work, which has resulted in his songs getting maximum plays of leading music streaming platforms. T$WIM is undoubtedly one of those singers who have mastered the art of singing to its roots and that’s clearly visible in each of his work, which has made his popularity soar to towering heights, with each of his singles and EPs gaining popularity on all major music streaming platforms. We wouldn’t be wrong to say that he is just a few steps away from stardom, as his work has been drawing in the right attention, which has pushed his standing to the next level.

    Some of his songs titled Let Me Know, Bombay, I Know What They Want and Way Back have received an overwhelming response from the listeners on Spotify which proves this talented singer is here to stay for a long innings.
    To listen to his songs, visit Spotify –



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