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  • Sir H N Reliance Foundation Hospital becomes the 1st Centre in Western India to accomplish 100 TAVRs (Transcatheter Valve Replacement Procedures)

    Published on July 28, 2022

    56-yr old woman, a cancer survivor, became the 100th patient to undergo TAVR – had one previous open heart surgery alongside a history of multiple abdominal surgeries

    With a focus on patient-centric solutions powered by technology and clinical expertise, Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital announced being the 1st Centre in Western India to accomplish 100 TAVR procedures. Mrs. Rekha Singh, a 56-year lady, an ex-school teacher who became the 100th TAVR case, had severe narrowing of one of the heart valves (aortic valve). She had already undergone one-previous open heart valve replacement surgery. She had also recovered recently from cancer and had a history of multiple abdominal surgeries in the past. She was extremely symptomatic because of aortic valve stenosis and couldn’t walk more than 15 steps without shortness of breath. 2D echo revealed that her previous surgical valve, which was implanted 9 years back, had become dysfunctional and she needed another valve replacement. Because of her all the risk factors and severe obesity, second open heart surgery was deemed extremely risky. She underwent a special type of valve-in-valve TAVR (Transcatheter aortic valve replacement) procedure just a week back at Sir H N Reliance Foundation Hospital. She got a new valve without any cut or stitches, thru just a small 4mm jab from the groin, under local anesthesia!

    Dr Maulik Parekh, Head of TAVR and Structural Heart program at the hospital, who operated on Mrs. Singh said, “This was an extremely challenging case, not only due to the comorbid condition, but also because of her severe obesity (weighing 110 Kgs) and a very close relation of heart coronary arteries to the previous valve.” The old valve had become extremely narrow, making the TAVR procedure even more complex. “It took us 3 and half hours to complete the procedure, instead othe f routine one hour taken for such cases,” said Dr Parekh. This procedure was performed by a multidisciplinary group of medical experts –  headed. by Dr Maulik Parekh, Dr Anvay Mulay, Director-Advanced Cardiac Surgery & Heart Transplant, Dr. Manoj Mashru, Director – Of cardiology, Dr Rohit Bunage and Dr. Mehul Shah.

    Aortic valve stenosis is the commonest heart valve problem encountered in elderly population. Until very recently open heart valve replacement was the only available treatment for heart valve problems. However, with availability of TAVR, there is a minimally-invasive option of valve replacement without open heart surgery for suitable patients.

    Speaking on this achievement, Dr Tarang Gianchandani, CEO, Sir H N Reliance Foundation Hospital said “Healthcare landscape is being revolutionized by technology and at the Hospital we are the forefront of providing innovative healthcare delivery solutions. With the interplay of virtual reality and artificial intelligence, TAVR sort of minimally invasive procedures will only get more augmented and offer superior and more predictable outcomes. At this moment, we are glad to have touched a 100 TAVR milestone with excellent outcomes.” At Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital our attempt has always been to improve patient care, amplify & improvise efficiency, offer minimal invasive procedures & ensure faster recovery to all our patients.” Added Dr. Gianchandani.


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