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  • Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital introduces India’s First ETHOS Linear Accelerator in combination with Surface Guided Radiotherapy for Cancer Patients

    Published on July 11, 2023

     Mumbai : Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital introduces India’s first ETHOS Linear Accelerator in combination with Surface Guided Radiotherapy, a ground-breaking innovation in cancer care.

    ETHOS enables a patient-centric approach by providing personalized treatment plans based on each person’s unique anatomy and changes in the tumour on daily basis. This ability to adapt and adjust the treatment plan throughout the course of therapy ensures precise targeting of the tumour and minimizes radiation exposure to healthy tissues.

    The technology also adapts to changes in the tumour shape, position, and size during treatment. By accurately tracking and adjusting the treatment beam in real-time, ETHOS maximizes the radiation dose to the tumour while minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissues. This ensures optimal treatment, improved outcomes, and reduced side effects.

    On the occasion Padmabhushan & Padmashri Dr. Suresh Advani, Mentor – Medical Oncology, has quoted “Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital is launching the Ethos radiation machine which will transform how radiation is given to cancer patients. Integrated with AI this is a highly precise and intuitive system that will bring a paradigm shift in cancer care. This is India’s First ETHOS Linear Accelerator in combination with Surface Guided Radiotherapy for Cancer Patients and we welcome this remarkable addition to our cancer care at RFH. This innovative technology will help us  to treat multiple lesions without any  damage to adjacent  normal  tissue.”

    Sharing his thought Dr. Prasad Dandekar, Head of Radiation Oncology said, “ETHOS is an Artificial Intelligence based Precision Radiotherapy treatment machine, that will lead to improving cancer outcomes in patients and reduced side effects for the treatment of any kind of cancer. Our team is the pioneer of Surface guided radiotherapy in India and we at Sir H N Reliance Foundation Hospital, are the first to combine both technologies to ensure best outcome and quality of life for the patients. Our patients will benefit from least side effects and best cancer related outcomes. We are moving from standardized care to highly personalized, precision cancer care.”

    Dr Sewanti Limaye , Director – Precision & Medical Oncology, Director – Oncology Research said , “Adaptive radiotherapy with Ethos is AI based personalised radiation therapy, an exemplar for Precision Radiation and brings about a revolutionary change with it’s new age radiation technique! With Ethos, we look forward to providing highest level of healthcare to our cancer patients at Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital”

    Dr. Vijay Haribhakti,  Chair, Onco-sciences, Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital said, “Adaptive AI based Precision Radiotherapy is the future of radiation therapy, and with ETHOS, we are at the forefront of this revolutionary technology. Choosing ETHOS is embracing the future of cancer care, where treatments are tailored to an individual’s needs, maximizing their chances of a successful outcome and improving the overall quality of life.”

    Radiation therapy aims to simplify and expedites the treatment process for every cancer patient. The aim is to achieve results that enhance patient comfort and reduce treatment times. ETHOS is more than 3 times faster than other conventional linear accelerators and rigid safety protocols during radiotherapy planning and treatment ensure that there is no room for error and the treatment is delivered precisely and safely.

    Adaptive radiotherapy using ETHOS offers patients a superior treatment experience with minimal disruptions to their daily lives. By precisely targeting the tumour and minimizing radiation exposure to healthy tissues, patients experience fewer side effects, leading to improved quality of life during and after treatment. The streamlined workflow and reduced treatment times enable patients to spend less time in the treatment room, allowing them to focus on their recovery and spend more time with their loved ones.

    Dr. Tarang Gianchandani, Group CEO, Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital, said, “It is our continuous endeavor to bring the most cutting-edge technology in medicine to  India and help improve longevity and provide quality of life for patients. “Adaptive AI based Precision Radiotherapy is the future of radiation therapy, and with ETHOS, we are at the forefront of this revolutionary technology in India.

    Ethos and its artificial intelligence feature offers high-resolution Computerized Tomography images that help localization of the target before the treatment. The equipment has a large treatment bore that alleviates claustrophobia of patients. The wide bore of the Ethos device and the treatment couch that passes the patient through the bore enable patients feel less claustrophobic. The CBCT feature along with Artificial Intelligence ensure that location of tumor in a patient’s body is accurately mapped and targeted during each therapy.

    Ethos does real time optimisations in precisely targeting the tumour and completing each session in much less time. It minimizes the damage to healthy organs and tissues located close to the tumor and it decreases side effects. With the Ethos platform doctors can now efficiently plan & administer the adaptive treatment in just a 15min time slot with the Adaptive Intelligence feature.

    After being the pioneers of Surface guided radiotherapy (SGRT), we are proud to present India’s first ETHOS Adaptive Radiotherapy with SGRT.  Our Institute of onco-sciences has some of the best clinical talent in the country. Combined with this revolutionary technology we are envisioning a major contribution in redefining cancer treatment in India.”


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