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  • Skoodle launches all new toys ahead of the Holiday Season!

    Published on November 24, 2021

    Holiday Season is here and Skoodle has launched many innovative toys for the kids. These gifts will match well with the festivities around and these colorful ‘Made in India’ products are the best gifts to give for the holiday. Kids can play with these innovative toys that combines skill, suspense and creativity.

    1.      Skoodle Quest Stackrr Colour Crash

    Skoodle Quest Stackrr Colour Crash Stacking Tumbling Tower Game with 54 Coloured Precision Wooden Blocks of Premium Beachwood for Adults and Kids, 1 or More Players. This gives opportunity to Children & Adults in improving manual dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and strategic thinking as well as developing motor, problem-solving, and social skills.


    2.      Skoodle Modelling Glitter Dough Set

    Skoodle Modelling Glitter Dough Set comes with 6 shades of Non-Toxic Glitter modelling dough, Includes 5 Cutter moulds for kids 3 years and Up. Let your child explore the creative side with these 6 Glitter shades from Skoodle. Bring out creative side of your kids with Skoodle modelling dough. It’s Non-Toxic and Mess Free formula not only give a peace of mind to the parents, but it is also easy to clean once your child is done playing. Dough is squishy & super soft specially developed keeping small hands in mind.


    3.      Skoodle Quest Sequenza

    Classic Card Strategy Game, Includes Large game board, Sequenza cards and premium marker chips with carry pouch. This game helps in Focus, Planning, Awareness, Memory, Concentration, Logical Processing, Analyzing, Social, Interaction.


    4.      Disney Princess My Roll-on Lab

    Watch the kids delve into fragrance by learning the magic of mixing simple chemicals with Disney Princess Make your Own Roll On – Do it Yourself Kit. Learning about science just became much more fun. This game will help in Problem-Solving, Communication, Creativity, Collaboration and Critical Thinking.


    5.      Skoodle Disney Frozen DIY Perfume kit

    A first step towards the world of perfumery with your favourite Disney Princess. Master the art of perfume making with experimentation and science. This DIY kit provides all the tools and ingredients required in making your first fragrance in a fun and creative way.

    INR 640.00

    6.      Marvel Spiderman Make Your Own Shampoo – Do It Yourself Kit

    Watch your Little ones put on their creative powers and take part in shampoo making adventure with spiderman make your own shampoo – Do It Yourself Kit. Watch them Learn the Science of Hair, The concept of pH levels, and how different fragrances complement each other – All this while entertaining them with their favourite characters. Learning about science just became much more fun



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