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  • Tuesday, April, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 03:48:25
  • Weapon of Mass DestructionCommemorating the sky, the inspiration behind the venue, Sky Lounge Bar & Grill is proud to present a cocktail menu that is as unique and dynamic as the open sky.  Sky introduces an eclectic selection of drinks that celebrate both the romance as well as the depth of life, the sky and the universe, in all its different moods and shades.

    Celebrating romance and the beauty of the moon and the open sky, the menu includes drinks such as Moonlight​, Asteroid, Milky Way, Orion etc​, each as beautiful and exceptional as the sky​. For those a little more daring, there are also a variety of exciting options like Weapon of Mass Destruction, Black Hole, ​10 Minutes to Impact and White Lightning, amongst others.  All drinks are prepared with the highest quality of ingredients and serve to ignite the senses. So come, dance, drink and live life to fullest only at Sky.



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