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SLG Hospitals Conducts World Head injury Awareness day

Hyderabad: On the occasion of World head injury awareness day on March 20th, SLG Hospitals conducted a meet with patients recovered from recent head injuries. 15 patients attended the meet with their families including the youngest two year old to 76 year old. Patients and their family members recalled the support they received from the doctors and supporting staff at SLG Hospitals during their stay at the hospital.

Commenting on the importance of enhancing awareness meet, Dr. Raghavendra H, Consultant Neuro & Spine Surgeon, SLG Hospitals said, “We have conducted this meet to create awareness around head injuries and the need of getting timely medical support. Road traffic accidents leads to great trauma not just to those involved in these incidents, but also to the families of the victims and the society at large! Even the survivors of such injuries might continue to live with various complications in their day-to-day life, which has a direct impact on the economic and financial losses not just to them, but to the nation. Certain simple measures like wearing a helmet, putting the car seat-belt on, avoiding mobile phones while driving, not driving after consuming alcohol, can bring down the numbers drastically.

“Golden Hour is the first hour after a traumatic head injury. In majority of the cases, victims are not brought to a healthcare facility within the Golden Hour period, which results in death or other serious complications. More than the police, the people around the accident spot bring these accident victims in the ambulance to the nearest possible hospital and in some cases the Golden Hour is lost due to delay in shifting the victim from the spot to the hospital. An increased awareness on this will do great good to the society,” added Dr. Raghavendra H.

SLG Hospitals urging the riders to take a pledge to ensure safe driving practices on the roads. Each year, March 20th is dedicated towards enhancing awareness about head injuries, causes, and seriousness of these injuries. “More Than My Brain Injury” is the theme for the following three years starting 2021.

Traumatic Brain Injury is a leading cause of disability and mortality around the world. Globally, the estimated annual incidences and mortality from Acquired Brain Injury (ABIs) or Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) is 200 and 20 per 1,00,000 per year, respectively. In India, nearly two million people sustain brain injuries each year, and at least 0.2 million lose their lives, while nearly a million need rehabilitation services. Available data suggests that majority among these victims are males, in the18- 44 years age group; and often involved in road traffic injuries.

Brain injuries are also a cause of major stress for close family members. Providing psychological support can help people with brain injuries and their family throughout the course of recovery. It’s important to change the attitude of people towards the injured and encourage then to assist the victims during the rehabilitation phase. Hence, increasing understanding about brain injuries as a chronic condition, reducing the stigma associated with having a brain injury, showcasing the diversity of injury and the demographics of the community, improving care and support for individuals with brain injury and their families are important.

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