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  • Smart devices brand Qubo launches digital campaign around its new GPS Trackers for Cars & Bikes

    Published on November 23, 2023

     Hero Electronix’ Qubo – a pioneering smart devices brand that specializes in Smart Auto Accessories & Smart Home Devices recently announced its foray into GPS Trackers for Cars & Bikes. On the back of this announcement, Qubo has launched a digital campaign featuring relatable, real-life situations where these trackers can prove to be lifesaving.

    Comprising 4 films, this campaign brings out the product’s positioning as a must-have auto accessory that’ll go a long way towards ensuring safety of the driver & vehicle at all times.

    A feature-packed device, Qubo’s GPS Tracker provides a host of information including real-time location of your vehicle, ignition alerts, accident alerts, driving insights and much more. This not only helps in keeping a track of your precious ride at all times, but also keeps your loved ones informed about your whereabouts – something that can be especially important in times of distress on the road. With built-in drive monitoring capabilities, this GPS Tracker will also help rein in enthusiastic youngsters eager to get behind the wheel or chauffeurs with a heavy foot.

    Currently running on Youtube & Qubo’s social media accounts, the new campaign highlights some of these functionalities in easily relatable settings whether it’s around a family man who has encountered an accident on his way home or a woman stuck on a deserted street with no help in sight.

    Commenting on the campaign, Mr. Nikhil Rajpal – CEO, Hero Electronix said “Aligned to our endeavour of making drives safer & smoother, this new campaign brings to life very relatable, everyday situations where our devices deliver on our ambition. We’ve imagined these GPS Trackers as a must-have auto accessory & to encourage mass adoption have also priced it extremely attractively. Showcasing different settings across these films, we want to drive home the importance & utility of these GPS Trackers for everyone on the road.”

    While the campaign idea & scripts were conceptualized in-house, the team worked with Mumbai-based Artha Animation to bring the films to life.


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