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  • Smart Visitors Tour Taipei Pavilion and Flora Expo Outdoor Gardens First

    Published on January 4, 2011

    The Global Garden Area is one of the "Ten Must-See Outdoor Gardens."

    Taipei : While there are always hundreds of people waiting to get reservation tickets to the indoor shows or exhibitions at the 2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition, smart visitors will visit outdoor gardens first. During the Expo 2010 Shanghai, the Taipei Pavilion also attracted visitors who thought the small souvenir handed out by volunteers made the waiting worthwhile.

    Expo officials pointed out that visitors should plan ahead to visit Taipei’s first Flora Expo in order to avoid waiting in lines. Visitors can leisurely tour exhibits from around the world at the Global Garden, representing such countries as the Netherlands, Indonesia, Thailand, the United States and the Philippines. In Yuanshan Park Area, the Flower Landscape features poinsettias for the Christmas season in December and will be transformed into a sea of daffodils in February 2011. And in the Fujian-styled garden, visitors can marvel at the largest artificial rockery in Taiwan as well as aquatic plants, tea bushes, ferns, orchids and bamboo being used to create a unique classical elegance. There are also other exhibits that do not require reservation tickets.

    More information is available by going to the official Taipei Flora Expo Website and click the “Ten Must-See Outdoor Gardens,” said the Taipei City Government.

    Visiting these gardens at the Flora Expo requires a strategy much like visiting the Taipei Pavilion during the Shanghai Expo. Those who plan ahead will be able to avoid long lines of waiting people while discovering the cream of the crop.