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  • SNAP 2010 Goes Social-Launches Student Friendly Platforms in New Media

    Published on October 8, 2010

    Pune: Education giant Symbiosis has taken the most accessible route to reach out to its students preparing for the exam. Known for taking up innovative methods to help students, Symbiosis has a page catering to SNAP aspirants on Facebook & Twitter. Apart from this they are also present with their channel on video sharing social website –Youtube.

    The page on Facebook (www.facebook.com/Symbiosis.SNAP,) apart from giving out ten GK questions a day to help students prepare, also has an innovative application that helps students prepare for the exam. The application called SNAP Study Planner has four sections which suggests students various topics to prepare for. Not only that, this option also gives students the chance to get a fair idea of what areas the exam would cover. The aspirants can also add topics for themselves to prepare for and set reminders. The application already quite popular enables students to share the same with their friends. The application however is only a suggestive one and students must not go by it assuming it to be a fixed syllabus.

    Apart from this unique initiative the University has also created a chance for all aspirants to interact with the directors of the various institutes on a one on one basis. The platform www.symbiosisdirectors.com has directors of all 14 institutes that are open to questions from course details, preparation suggestions, career prospects etc. The forum has already attracted around 200 questions.

    Thy have also posted videos of seminars and sessions that have occurred at SIU on video sharing website –Youtube. The channel can be reached on www.youtube.com/user/SymbiosisSNAP. What is important to note is that it also hosts videos of several colleges giving the aspirants an insight into the features and advantages each institute brings with it. This gives the students an idea about the inside life of a student at Symbiosis.

    A SNAP spokesperson of the University said that “We always wanted to be close to students and facilitate their process of SNAP preparation; moreover with them spending most of their time on Social media, the decision was not a tough one to make”. He also went on to say that “Social media is the best form of interaction since it does not allow any scope of assumptions and hence counters misnomers and rumors”. In the coming days as the heat builds up for SNAP, Symbiosis shall have more interactions on their site in more innovative ways.

    Those interested in finding out more about SNAP and registering their application can access www.snaptest.org . To gain from inputs regarding the test and university, you can access also access SNAP on their twitter handle which is: SNAPSIU.