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  • Snitch Redefines Sustainable Fashion with Relove Integration

    Published on June 7, 2024

     New Delhi  – Snitch, a leading men’s fashion brand, is proud to announce its integration of Relove, an innovative platform for sustainable fashion. This strategic move underscores Snitch’s commitment to sustainability and offers customers the opportunity to purchase authenticated preloved Snitch items at significant discounts while also having the option to sell their own preloved Snitch products.

    The seamless integration of Relove onto Snitch’s platform ensures a user-friendly experience for customers. By simply visiting the Snitch website, customers can browse, sell and purchase preloved items with the assurance that each piece has been verified for quality. This initiative delivers exceptional value and actively contributes to waste reduction, aligning with broader environmental conservation objectives. In the last two years, Snitch has saved 3 million litres of water and keeps its products in circulation, preventing them from entering landfills.

    The fashion industry’s substantial carbon footprint, responsible for 10% of global emissions, is a pressing concern. Through the resale of each garment, Snitch helps save six times its weight in CO2, significantly reducing the fashion industry’s environmental impact. Additionally, this initiative empowers customers to retain cherished pieces while finding new homes for those they no longer wear, promoting sustainable fashion and a mindful approach to consumption.

    Mr Siddharth Dungarwal, Founder and CEO of Snitch, expressed, “The Integration of Relove epitomizes our steadfast commitment to sustainable fashion. We believe in offering our customers stylish, high-quality clothing and the opportunity to make eco-conscious choices. By integrating Relove, we empower our customers to contribute to a more sustainable future. This initiative allows them to enjoy their favourite Snitch styles while supporting environmental conservation.”

    This initiative is about cultivating a community of conscious consumers who prioritize quality, style, and sustainability. The brand cordially invites all its customers to join this journey towards a more eco-friendly and responsible fashion industry.


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